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'ITW' Series

3 days ago

Daphne Willis: “Dopamine” for the Ears

Daphne Willis is a singer-songwriter from Chicago. Now based in Nashville, her music is an eclectic pop-goes-acoustic with a side of the blues. And it’s really catchy. Not only is Daphne Willis known for her music, but also for her compassionate openness about mental health, addiction, homelessness, and a variety of other “let’s leave these […]

4 days ago

Pop Singer SIRMA Explores the Different Stages of Love on Her Latest EP

SIRMA is hardly your average pop star. The Turkish singer, songwriter, and producer has trained at Berklee College of Music, collaborated on an Olympic theme song, and calls Björk her biggest influence. With music school behind her, and making a home in Brooklyn, SIRMA is finally releasing music of her own. Her latest EP, “To […]

5 days ago

Isabelle on Authentic Music and Body Positivity

A Celebration of Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Women with Curves. Isabelle is a powerhouse singer and body activist from Atlanta, Georgia who is unwavering in her quest to offer something different than the music industry in terms of appearance and message. She is set to release her debut single, “Unlabeled,” as a powerful introduction to her […]

5 days ago

The Everlasting Legacy of the ’60s Girl Group

It was the decade that shook the world. The 1960’s saw the rise of the civil rights movement, space exploration, and rock & roll. It was an unprecedented time in history, marked with triumph and tragedy, picket lines and sit- ins. It forever altered the trajectory of the world both culturally and politically, ushering in […]

1 week ago

Sinead O’Connor’s Cry for Help was Brave, We Should Listen

Trigger warnings: suicide, depression, mental illness They say talking about love is like dancing about architecture. That’s either a solid quote from somebody-somewhere or ripped from the very underrated all-star whammy, “Playing By Heart.” Talking about mental health is different, just a different kind of different. A damn near impossible kind of different. Talking about mental […]

1 week ago

Spotlight on Lady Heroes: Bette Midler

As someone born in the late ’80s, I first began to know and love Better Midler (known around the world as “The Divine Miss M”) as my favorite wicked witch, Winifred Sanderson, in the Walt Disney cult classic Hocus Pocus.  She and her sisters would quickly become embedded in my heart as I played the […]

2 weeks ago

Kaaboo Lands Huge Line-up for Third Year

If you’re looking for a one stop festival for pop, alternative, indie, hip-hop, and every type of rock then Kaaboo is where you want to be. However, music isn’t the only entertainment lined up for the weekend. Each day of the three-day fall festival will feature top notch comedians like Arsenio Hall, Maria Bamford, and David Spade. All […]

2 weeks ago

Nicole Atkins’ ‘Goodnight Rhonda Lee’ Confronts Insecurities and Fear

Stemming out of New Jersey with a vengeance for blending the best of all worlds, songstress, Nicole Atkins, has created a world within her world that has unleashed a realm of creativity that is furthest from the typical. Celebrating the success and praise arising from the release of her fourth studio album, ‘Goodnight Rhonda Lee,’ […]

2 weeks ago

The ‘2 Dope Queens’ Podcast Highlights You Absolutely Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson will give you serious BFF FOMO. They are the hosts of ‘2 Dope Queens,’ a live comedy show turned podcast where they discuss all things intersectional and pop culture. Their guests are on point, with the perfect amount of topical relevance. They have unique perspectives on New York, race, and […]

2 weeks ago

R&B Goddess Joyce Wrice Needs To Be On Your Radar Right Now

This R&B songbird has an awesome swag that’s drawing comparisons to Jehne Aiko. Wrice may have a similar mixed appearance, but her sound is much less autotuned and commercial. She gets her zen energy thanks to her Buddhist faith, which she learned from her Japanese mother. Her music taste, however, was learned from her African-American […]