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Inspirer is a Los Angeles based print and digital publication that celebrates inspirational and groundbreaking artists through original written word, photography, videos, and more. Since its inception, Inspirer’s priority has been to showcase influential women in music. From the rock & roll icons who paved the way, to the emerging artists debuting their first albums, Inspirer is about the music that moves us, by the women who inspire us.


We Bring Classic Rock To Millennials.

We’ve taken notice of Gen Y’s interest and love for these artists – a love and interest our staff here at Inspirer shares — and we do our best to nurture that interest by keeping an ongoing dialogue on our platforms about members of the classic rock community.
More and more millennials are flocking to that specific era of rock music; they’re buying vinyl, they’re taking to Twitter to find like minds, and creating entire Tumblr and Instagram profiles dedicated to these bands who were releasing music decades before they were born.
Inspirer was founded by women who connected through music of the ‘70s. There’s something there that has helped us along the way to become the people we are, and it runs deep in our souls. It means that much to us, and to our readers to be able to feature those artists who have made such significant and prolific contributions to music over the years.

A year ago, Desarae Gabrielle & Ashley McFaul were two 20-somethings with one goal: to create a safe space for groundbreaking women to share their stories the way they were meant to be told — in their own words. In early 2016, Inspirer was born, and has since been fully curated in-house by a handful of like-minded women.



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