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Estella’s Brilliant Bus

Estella Pyfrom, who spent her childhood as a migrant worker in the Glades picking beans, grew up to be a teacher and then spent a good chunk of her retirement on a full-size bus equipped with 17 computer stations. Now 76 and ostensibly retired from education, she drives the bus to schools and community centers and is personally closing the digital divide for kids at or below poverty level. (J. Gwendolynne Berry/The Palm Beach Post)


Estella Pyfrom noticed a growing problem in Palm Beach, Florida while working as a school guidance counselor…some students did not have access to a computer at home or after school. Fearing these children would be left behind, Pyfrom took all of her savings, bought a bus and turned it into a mobile computer lab.

Estella’s Brilliant Bus provides free computer based tutoring to thousands of students in Palm Beach county. With 17 computers, the bus travels to schools, shelters and community centers. Pyfrom wants everyone to have the same learning opportunities.  “We serve children starting with age 3 all the way through senior citizens, based on what the needs are,” Pyfrom said. “We are bringing the learning and the technology to the neighborhoods. They all can benefit from that.”

Run by volunteers, classes and tutoring sessions are scheduled four times a week, whereas other days, the bus is an open computer lab. Pyfrom offers GED classes and college prep for the older students and has helped over 500 children a year.

The big dream for the program is to expand through the state and hopefully the country.



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