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Female Villains Who Definitely Terrified You


Female Villains Who Definitely Terrified You

I am the first to consider myself a horror fanatic. I love to be terrified and scared to go to sleep. Weird, right? Many women love these movies and TV shows, but it’s no secret that more often than not, women do not have quite interesting roles in horror movies.

I mean, let’s be real. Normally, women are greatly objectified in the horror genre. Either, they need to be saved, or they’re bait for the antagonist of the story.

Basically, women aren’t exactly held to an extremely high standard in horror films, but thanks to writers, like the amazing Ryan Murphy or the twisted Stephen King, women are seen as they truly are, elaborate creatures that can totally scare you to death.

Here are five female horror characters who probably kept you up at night:

1.Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates

Oh yes, the fabulous female trailblazer for the horror genre, Vera Farmiga, does a capricious job of portraying the overprotective Norma Bates in the A&E show, Bates Motel. Norma Bates is the mother of psychologically challenged Norman. Norman often experiences “blackouts”, in which he does erratic things, such as commit murder. During these episodes, Norman often envisions Norma telling him to “do bad things”, or he sees himself as Norma. Most of the time, Norman has unimaginable difficulty distinguishing reality from his own psyche, and lately he’s been letting the latter get the best of him. Good luck, Norma. You’re going to need it

2. Sissy Spacek as Carrie White
Never will I ever forget the first time I saw this 1976 horror classic. It was on Thanksgiving when I was approximately eight to ten years old. I didn’t sleep well again until Christmas Eve. Sissy Spacek plays the title role in this thriller. Carrie centers around a shy, seventeen year old girl, who is bullied at school and mentally abused by her extremist mother at home. She also possesses telekinetic powers that nobody is aware of, with the exception of her mother who is convinced that she is a witch. After an incident in P.E. where Carrie is humiliated, the entire class is punished and is threatened with suspension from the upcoming prom. A popular girl feels guilty about the incident, and persuades her boyfriend to ask Carrie to the prom. Initially, Carrie denies the invitation, but eventually, she accepts after the boy arrives at her house to further convince her to come. Meanwhile, another popular girl has her delinquent boyfriend to suspend a bucket of pig’s blood above the stage, where prom queen and king will be crowned. The voting is rigged to where Carrie wins, and almost instantaneously, Carrie is drenched with blood. Carrie goes on to basically kill everyone in the gym, and then some. Moral of the story: be nice to the quiet kids

3. Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes
Oddly, I can relate to the obsessive Annie Wilkes when she realizes that the author of her favorite book series killed off the main character, which sends her into a psychotic rampage. Misery is about a famous novelist, Paul Sheldon, who is the author of a famous romance series that features a character entitled, Misery Chastain. Sheldon has just written a manuscript for a more serious novel to launch his career. While he’s traveling from Colorado to his home in New York, he becomes entangled in a massive snowstorm, which leads him to wreck, rendering him unconscious. Sheldon awakes in a remote farmhouse, owned by none other than Annie Wilkes. Annie proceeds to inform Sheldon that she’s a nurse and his number one fan. Long story, short: Annie holds Paul captive for awhile, kills the sheriff, and attempts to kill Paul. Do yourself a favor, and allow Annie Wilkes to give you nightmares because it’s worth it.

4. Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally

Hypodermic Sally from American Horror Story: Hotel frightened me more than any Sarah Paulson character thus far in the AHS franchise. Sally is a ghost who is permanently residing in the Hotel Cortez, considering that she was murdered there. In her mortal life, Sally was a full time heroin dealer, who became addicted after she was fired from a musical project in the eighties. Sally normally participates in odd things like sewing hotel guests to the bed and is involved with activities such as the Ten Commandments Kills. Sally is probably one of the most elaborate Sarah Paulson characters, and I’m happy about the fact that Ryan Murphy finally made her a villain.

5. Glenn Close as Alex Forrest
If Fatal Attraction taught us anything, it’s that an affair can cost you a lot more than just your marriage. After Alex Forrest meets up with a  married Manhattan lawyer, Dan Gallagher, for a one night stand , things get immensely serious for Forrest, although Gallagher doesn’t remotely feel the same way. Alex constantly pursues Dan, to the point that they have a violent altercation, which sends her into a fury.  After Dan moves their family elsewhere, Alex continually stalks his family, until the sight of their happiness makes her physically sick. Eventually, she attempts to kill Dan’s wife, which results in her own death. I didn’t see the end of this one coming.



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