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Frances Cone Goes on a Journey of Self-Discovery in ‘Arizona’


Frances Cone Goes on a Journey of Self-Discovery in ‘Arizona’

It was Arizona, the 17th
The howl of knowing what’s underneath
And I’m so sorry I couldn’t speak

It’s a journey of self-discovery, it’s an apology, it’s letting go and moving on; it’s unlearning and reexamining what we once saw as truths. It’s “Arizona,” and it’s the self-released single for an upcoming album by Brooklyn-based band Frances Cone, fronted by lead vocalist Christina Cone. The song, released earlier this year, was a result of Christina coming to terms with her brother’s sexuality, in concurrence with their upbringing in a Southern Baptist household (their father is a preacher). It’s also a song that has been a decade in the making. The video for “Arizona” was shot in upstate New York. Christina initially thought about shooting the video back west, but she says, “I became more interested in how that part of my past informs my present–what we choose to keep and what we choose to discard, or in the literal case of the video, burn.” It’s a message we can all learn from, poetically delivered in a song we can all relate to in our own ways. Frances Cone’s new album, Late Riser, is expected out this summer. Until then, we’ll have “Arizona” on repeat.



Lily is an entertainment writer who grew up around the corner from Janis Joplin's hometown. Consequently, she found herself enthralled with the music and stories of the leading women of rock & roll at a young age.

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