Miss Anne Mary is Perfectly #Imperfect


Anne Mary is a body positive advocate from New York who is the creator of a project called #imperfect. Focusing on the motto — “any shape, any color, any size” — the main goal is to create a group of diverse models to represent the reality of the female body.
It all started when Anne Mary researched body shaming. Her research provoked thoughts such as “why me?” or “why can’t I wear what I want?” She also realized you don’t have to have validation from others, how you see yourself is what’s most important.
Her project includes 7 models of different styles, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. All of the women involved want to encourage and empower. The most important things Anne Mary wants women to know are “you are healthy, you matter, and you are loved.”

“I believe that sometimes we have to take the challenge and step out of our comfort zones to achieve goals.”

What ignited your interest in modeling?

AM: Being a model is a reflection of my passion. One day I was invited to an expo at an art gallery and introduced by friend to a photographer there. He looked and me and said that he was looking for me for a long time . He asked me to model for him for a portrait series he was working on. I thought it was a joke. But he insisted and I said why not give it a try? I believe fashion should be for everybody and with no limit to self expression fun and beauty.


AM:About a year ago I was inspired by the book “TWENTY’S GIRL” I fell in love with feminine elegance of vintage and since that time I changed my own style to PinUp. I like 40s-60s era.


There’s not just one person who has inspired me in my journey. But if I had to name someone, it would be my mom. She guided me and inspired me to stay strong and independent since my childhood. When I was going through personal body image acceptance, she taught me to have faith in my abilities and my own beauty.

Follow her project on her Instagram @missannemary.



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