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Inspirer Welcomes Professional Organizer and Life Coach Christina Giaquinto


Inspirer Welcomes Professional Organizer and Life Coach Christina Giaquinto

Christina Giaquinto is a high energy, bubbly life coach and personal organizer from New Jersey who loves helping her clients de-clutter their lives to achieve personal happiness. What started as just something she loved doing for friends and family, quickly turned into a successful business. With many clients in Franklin Lakes, NJ, Christina focuses on not only the clutter in your home but in all parts of life. 

We are excited to announce that Christina will be doing a weekly blog for Inspirer on a number of topics to help de-stress and de-clutter your life. Every Monday she will share her organizing expertise and knowledge as a life coach. We talked with Christina to get to know a little more about her before her first blog post, due out August 1st.


When did you decide being a organizer was what you were meant to do?

I kind have been doing it my whole life and organically it turned into a business for me. When I was younger I was always organized and was always the one staying in from recess to help my teacher. Of course, my friend’s parents loved me because I would organize their rooms. I feel like it’s something you’re born with, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t into it. As I got older I became aware of just how much help others needed with organization. So I just started small, with just a concept idea with a few clients and it just took on a life of its own.

That seems to be how all great things in life happen. How did you go about starting your business?

Funny enough, I just printed some flyers and placed them around town. Even to this day, it’s the number one way I’ve grabbed people’s attention and a lot of my clients refer me to others. When I look back and think how it started with a couple flyers, I’m amazed.

You are also a certified life coach, was it a natural move for you?

Absolutely! From day one, clients were telling me that it felt like I was more of a life coach to them. I was helping them organize a physical space, but also many aspects of their lives. I love it, this side of it is my true passion. It just felt natural to move towards being a life coach as well. I studied and got certified, with my focus on organizing their lives. Most life coaches have a focus and since I love to organize it was a no brainer. I just want to help people achieve their best.

How do you get certified as a life coach?

A trusted friend of mine suggested a school that has a wonderful program. I loved everything they taught and have great respect for it. It was such an important step in that chapter of my life and moving forward for my business.

What are the most common issues people come to you with?

In their homes, I feel like people have the hardest time with their bedrooms and closets. I always tell people that it’s actually the worst room to have cluttered because it should be your sanctuary and where you can go to relax. In regards to their lives, I would have to say either their career or fitness. Usually, once I’ve helped in their living space, they want to focus on other parts of life. Most people are unhappy because they hate the job they’re in. I try to ask them what would they enjoy doing, what would make them feel fulfilled and encourage them from there. I also have so many people call and tell me they started losing weight after organizing their space. I really think there is a direct correlation between getting rid of clutter and bettering personal fitness.

It all goes hand in hand.  

I really feel as though people can reach their greatest potential by being organized. It’s my recipe to happiness. It works for me and I always try to practice what I preach. It’s just my over all mission, to help others realize and reach their greatest potential.

I love working with younger people. I just want them to realize, there are no rules. There’s so much pressure in life to achieve great things, good pressure and bad pressure. Forget about what is expected, sit down and write out what makes you happy, what you like to do and how can you translate that into your career. It’s so important to love your job and what you do, so you aren’t in the rat race of just making money. Millennials need to take a hard look at what they want to do and not settle. It takes time, patience and organization to achieve happiness. The stuff they don’t teach you in school.

Be sure to watch for Christina’s blog posts every Monday starting August 1st right here on Inspirer. Also, follow her on Instagram @christinagiaquinto




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