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L7 Served Up a Full Dose of Riot Grrrl Punk to Houston


L7 Served Up a Full Dose of Riot Grrrl Punk to Houston

Houston received a full dose of grunge-punk with L7 stopping by the House of Blues last night. The Riot Grrrl foursome, which includes Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch, and Dee Flakas, kicked off their gut punching show downtown with “Deathwish,” “Andres,” and “Everglade.” The crowd of devoted fans sang along to every word, pumped their fists, and cheered when Sparks introduced “Crackpot Baby,” off their lesser known album “Slap Happy.” It was clear Houston loves L7.

The band is known for their controversial and in-your-face attitudes, but there was nothing but love for Houston — both Sparks and Finch boasted about their love for the city. L7 played a nearly 2 hour set of heavy guitar riffs, growling voices and powerful lyrics. Fans danced and sang with each other, even one girl braved the coveted “crowd surf” — of which Sparks acknowledged with a “You go girl!”

Chart hits “Pretend That We’re Dead” and “Fast and Fighting” closed out the show. There was no final bow, instead the band waved, said their thank yous, and handed out guitar picks and drum sticks. It’s evicent that L7 continues to influence the new generation of punk kids, their message is still relevant and being lived out through their fans.

To stay up to date with L7 follow them on Facebook- L7 Official Twitter- @L7officialhq and on Instagram- @l7theband.

L7 plays the Mohawk in Austin tonight. 



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