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Organize Your Way To Success


Organize Your Way To Success

Work hard and you will be successful. We often hear these words when asked what the secret to achieving success is. Without a doubt, one needs to work hard in order to achieve what they want in life, but what about the secret that lies beyond working hard. Dig deeper and you just might find the word organized.

Some will argue they can achieve success in chaos, but I guarantee you those who do, have someone by their side who is extremely organized. Forget working hard. Learn the steps to living an organized life and start achieving success.

Being organized goes way beyond the aesthetics. It impacts your productivity, balance, emotions, thoughts, and ultimately your success. Whether you are a musician trying to get signed to a record label, a chef opening his or her own restaurant, or a CEO of a multi million-dollar corporation, it takes the same set of skills to keep progressing forward.

Endless to do lists, new ideas running through your head, meetings, highs, lows, finances, marketing, networking and about a hundred more things can occupy a single day for an entrepreneur. It is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity to stay organized as you try and manage all there is to do. Implementing organizing techniques into your life will help propel you to the top.

Start with these tips:


  • To Do Lists:
    • It is impossible to keep track of everything you have to accomplish without writing it down. To do lists allow you to clear some of the mental energy you are using by trying to remember all you have to do. If you need to do something, put it on paper.
    • Prepare two separate lists. Write one for the week and one for the day. Either in the morning or at the end of each night, reference your weekly to do list and pick which things you need to get done for the day. By the end of the week, everything on your list should be crossed off. If you want to be on your A Game, you can have a third one for the month.
  • Keep A Planner If You Prefer To Write:
    • A planner keeps track of your life. If you do one thing to make a change toward organization, buy a planner. Write down every appointment, and meeting. Planning ahead is also very important. Put a post it on a future date and write down what you think will be scheduled that day. You will never overbook again!
  • Download These Great Apps If You Prefer Technology: The apps listed are great tools to keep you organized. They are easy to use, keep all your to do lists in order, and help you accomplish things faster!  
      • Any.Do
      • Wunderlist
      • Todoist
      • Evernote
  • De-clutter Your Work Space:
    • Whether you are at your kitchen table or in your business office, clear the space you are working on. This prevents you from getting distracted, and allows a positive flow of energy to circulate.  
  • De-clutter Your Mind And FOCUS:
    • Too many people put emphasis on organizing the physical space and neglect the importance of organizing their mind. In order to be successful, you must de-clutter your life of anything that is not going to bring you closer to your goal. This includes activities, people, or habits. Focus is key to achieving your end goal.  
  • Practice Everyday:
    • Organizing takes practice and dedication. Similar to living a healthy lifestyle, it must become a part of your life. Your goal is to form a habit. You didn’t always go to the gym three days a week, but now it’s a habit. It is the same with organizing. It will eventually become a part of your everyday routine. A great start is to de-clutter your work space today and incorporate one more thing every day after.

As you start to implement organizing techniques into your life, you will instantly see a difference in how you feel emotionally, and see a rise in the growth of your business or progression toward your goal. You will feel less overwhelmed and find you have more clarity. Clutter uses the mental energy you need to keep pushing forward. The less clutter, the more energy your mind can use to run your business, see progress toward your vision, and think of new brilliant ideas. When you live an organized life, your stress level will go down, and you will feel more in control. As important as your productivity and work ethic are, your down time and relaxation are just as important. It rejuvenates you, and tends to be the time where a lot of brilliant ideas originate. Staying organized allows you to enjoy this down time without feeling guilty.  

When it comes to success, people often say to look at those who have come before you. Study those who have succeeded in your field and learn from their success. If you look at some of the most successful people of our time, you will learn they relied on staying organized as they climbed to the top. Such people who have practiced living an organized life are Reese Witherspoon, Matt Lauer, Ryan Seacrest, Martha Stewart, Angelina Jolie, Nate Berkus and the list goes on! If you want to create tremendous success in your life, it is time to GET ORGANIZED!




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