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Daytime Star Susan Lucci: “I Told My Parents I Wanted to Teach”


Daytime Star Susan Lucci: “I Told My Parents I Wanted to Teach”

When you hear someone say “Soap Star,” Susan Lucci is certainly the first name that comes to mind. Growing up in a small New York town, Lucci dreamed of the stage. The self-proclaimed “foodie” spent 41 years playing Erica Kane on NBC’s “All My Children.” The role led to 18 Emmy nominations, winning number 19.

The woman, actress, wife, mother, and proud grandmother is a legend of daytime tv. The sweetly soft spoken Lucci spared some time to talk about how she was “going to teach,” why she stayed with “All My Children,” and how proud she is of her grandson.

Where you supported in your choice to be an actress?

No, not all actually. My parents enjoyed my talents but didn’t want me to do it professionally. I was a drama major in college and had amazing professors, but I didn’t know anyone in the business. My parents only knew what they read in the papers and didn’t want that for my life. But then again, they would always come to the shows I was in and they were proud of me.

That didn’t seem to stop you.

It didn’t stop me, no. I remember telling my dad I was  going to teach. Even being a drama major and not taking a single teaching class. It wasn’t until graduation when I told him I wasn’t going to teach. Really, he just wanted me to be safe and happy. I didn’t grow up in the city so my parents were afraid for me and tried to teach me some street smarts. In school, I had the opportunity to work with the mostly incredibly talented people. There were two people who took me under their wing because I knew nothing of what had to be done to act professionally. They were who told me I needed head-shots and how to find agents.

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