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Resist the Urge


Resist the Urge

As a professional organizer, I always teach the combination of both function and aesthetics because both have a purpose and add value to the home.

With the holiday season upon us, the aesthetic side of a home is in high gear. Fall is one of the most popular times to get organized so homeowners find themselves trying to de-clutter, get organized, and prepare for the holidays. It’s a great time of the year to embrace both function and aesthetics. You can purge and get organized, while celebrating the holiday season and decorating your home!

I frequently find myself in such places as Home Goods, Target and Hobby Lobby to add design touches to my clients’ organizing projects. My organizer, Katlyn, and I always look at each other in awe over the cute home decor in all these stores! It is a lot to handle when everything is so pretty, and brands are developing better quality items. The good news is we live in an age where stylish, affordable and cute home decor is easy to get! However, this brings on the temptation to buy every cute piece you see. Does this sound like you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself constantly going to the home decor stores?
  • You go in to buy one small pumpkin, but buy an additional ten items?
  • Do you feel like you can’t resist the urge because everything is too cute?
  • Do you go to the store just because you want to see all the new items delivered without even needing anything?
  • Do you tell yourself you don’t need it, but end up buying it because you can’t leave such a cute piece behind?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then it is time to develop a positive new habit – RESIST THE URGE

It is so important to develop this habit, because if you can instill this way of thinking, your home will forever be both organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Decorating your home is fun, and just because you develop the habit to resist the urge does not mean you can never go shopping again. It’s quite the opposite! I actually encourage you to decorate your home, make it your own, put your own touches on it, and when it comes to the holidays, I love nothing more than cute decorations. I am just as obsessed as the next person! The habit is necessary in order to prevent unnecessary spending and clutter.

The number one thing to consider is the size of your home. If you live in a studio apartment, you are limited in space so although you may want to buy out all of Home Goods, you can’t. You have to purchase a few items that speak to you the most, and be ok with that. It is all about accepting what you can do. Be OK that you live in a tiny adorable apartment. Get excited that you can decorate it to be extra cozy and beautiful. Be proud of what you own, and don’t buy decor for space you don’t have.

If you live in a 1.2 million dollar home, that does not mean “the resist to urge philosophy” goes out the door. Many of my clients live in beautiful homes that at times have been up to 11,000 square feet. Although one might think this is a blessing to hold ample stuff, it can also be a hindrance if you don’t develop the philosophy of resist the urge. This takes more discipline, because living in a huge home does not mean you should fill every single shelf, drawer, and nook with a decoration. If you live in a big house, then you can certainly have a blast and go all out decorating, but you must know when to stop.

We live in a society where we always feel this urge to buy things. We see it, and want it, and we want it NOW. Take a second to give it some thought. Do I really need this item? Do I have room for this piece? Why am I getting this?

Here is a personal example of how to enjoy home decor AND resist the urge, making sure your home stays organized and clutter free:

I took it upon myself to decorate my boyfriend’s apartment for fall. I LOVE decorating, and his apartment needed the female touch. I excitedly went to Home Goods, Target and one of my favorite boutiques in town and loaded up on fall decor. I purchased two cute pillows, a pumpkin candle, a dining room runner, and one extra large sparkly pumpkin. That is a total of five things for my boyfriend’s apartment. Could I have bought more? Heck yes I could have! And believe me, I wanted to. Everything I saw was beautiful, but I took into account the space the apartment has, and purchased based on that. I knew I couldn’t buy everything, so I told myself I could buy a couple of my favorite things, and then one day when I have a home I can buy a little bit more. In the moment I felt like I wanted everything, but I feel so much better now knowing the apartment is decorated, I did not overspend, and I don’t have unnecessary clutter. WIN – WIN – WIN!



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