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The Importance Of Your Personal To Do’s


The Importance Of Your Personal To Do’s

I happen to have had a late night work session this past Friday (I know-party animal!), and at 2 am I was looking over everything on my to do list for the week, and feeling great about all the red lines running through the completed tasks. There is nothing better then crossing things off! My to do list for work clearly trumped the page, and took up most of my list, but as I looked over my list, I was happy to see everything on my personal to do list was also accomplished.

Work, school, career, and other responsibilities in our lives tend to take precedent over everything else. These categories require deadlines, and consequences if you do not complete things. After all, you can’t exactly skip your work responsibilities just because you feel like reading a good book that day. We also live in a time where hustle and ambition are in overdrive! This is a wonderful thing. I believe we are living out what the American dream stands for, and working to the best of our ability to make our dreams come true, achieve more, and fulfill our goals. Although I think hustle and a strong work ethic are things to be proud of, I think people are also under incredible stress these days. Students feel more pressure to get perfect grades so they can land a perfect job, and those already knee deep in their career feel constant job stress looming over them. The last thing people are thinking about is their personal goals.

I truly believe in order to ensure your happiness, you cannot afford to skip your personal goals. As I looked over my to do list, I saw I had 9 things on my personal list. With all of them checked off, I felt good knowing I had not let work consume the week, but had also made time for things that matter to me personally.

Here are a few examples of what could be on your personal to do list:

• Text your friend and let them know you are thinking of them
• Call mom and dad and say hello
• Schedule doctor’s appointment
• Visit Barnes N Noble and get the book you have been wanting
• Schedule date night in the calendar
• Clean the house
• Sort through your mail
• Read every night before bed
• Return the gifts that did not fit
• Write your thank you’s
• Go to the mall and get the new pair of jeans you need
• Schedule a fun family activity for the weekend
• Organize your bedroom (Organizing is always a good idea!)
• Read blog article

Feel great about the fact you are getting so much done both for work, and your personal life. Whatever you do, ignore those guilty feelings that may creep up. Believe me, they will arise! So many people will feel guilty about taking an hour to call a friend because they know they have 50 things to do for work. Don’t! Keeping up with your to do’s in your personal life is just as important as your work to do list, so feel proud that you can do both. Your heart will thank you.



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