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Loud, Crunchy, Emotional-The Pack A.D.


Loud, Crunchy, Emotional-The Pack A.D.

 The Pack a.d. is described as one of Canada’s “must see” bands. With bruising vocals and hard hitting melodies, singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller have created a sound that takes on a life of its own. Lyrically, they take you on a journey through their personal demons, which fans have been drawn to from the beginning.


‘Positive Thinking’ is the sixth studio album released by the duo, with ‘So What’ being the first single. All song writing credits go to Becky and Maya, and the punk roots are strong. However, they do revisit the blues sound of some of the bands earlier work. It’s dark, gritty, and loud.


Inspirer had the chance to catch up with the ladies of The Pack a.d. on how they became a group. the sound of their music and what inspires their songs.


When did you both realize that music was the path for you?


I think the realization might have happened when people would come to our shows and buy things that we made. We certainly didn’t make anyone do that so I can only trust that the interest was genuine. From there, glory.


How did the forming of The Pack a.d. happen?


We were in another band with a couple friends and it was really just for fun so we stopped, but then we kept getting together to jam as if drawn by some mysterious force or maybe it just became another thing you do with your friend. Then, without any real intention of doing anything beyond hanging out, we got a call asking us to play a show. We said yes. Felt sweaty panic. Played it. Here we are.


How would you describe your music?


Loud, crunchy, emotional apathy.


What inspires the songs you write?


Mostly our own personal demons, turmoil, depressions. Also, books and films.


Have you ever found it difficult as a female due in the music scene?


Of course. Just being female in of itself can often predetermine treatment, expectations, assumptions and conclusions. We would probably be better off and further along if we dressed in a two person horse outfit and never gave interviews…wait, that’s a terrible example because that’s a great idea. Being a woman is a double edged sword, on one hand it sets you apart in the world of rock (of which they tell me we are) and on the other it makes you invisible or worse, the annoying kid sister that interrupts their brother while they’re trying to get laid. No all male band is judged the way all female bands are. If you’re male and in a band or duo with another male or males, no one is asking if you’re gay or related or lovers. No one asks men those questions. No one. Asks. Men. Women together playing music…what’s going on there? It’s sooo suspicious.


Positive Thinking is your sixth studio album. What makes this album different from the others?


We both love it. We, start to finish, only did what we wanted to do on this album. We’re playing music that we like playing and having a great time.


What would you like fans to get out of your music?


A great time. A feeling like you’re not alone.


If you could tell your 20 year old self something now, what would it be?


Quit smoking ya jerk. It was so much harder later. (though I am quit for almost 4 years, thank you very much)


What do you hope for the future of The Pack a.d.?


Some small amount of happiness.


Get your copy of ‘Positive Thinking’ on iTunes



Ashley is a social media community manager and artist, living in Los Angeles, CA. With a degree in Mass Media Communications, Ashley likes to use videos, photos, and essays to connect people with what’s happening in the world.

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