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Being Mindful in a Time of Celebration and Abundance


Being Mindful in a Time of Celebration and Abundance

Oh, the holidays! What a beautiful, sparkling, magical time of high energy abundance and love. We all love the sparkling joys of the season, but what about those other off putting energies swirling around in this winter wonderland? The holiday season, as magical as it is, has some negativities that come along with it. Everything must keep balanced somehow.

The stress, the overwhelm,the passive-aggressiveness, the scarcity that comes up for some. How can we deal with these things in a way that makes keeps the holiday season untainted by it’s own negativities? Mindfulness. I will warn you though, keeping mindful and heart centered during the holiday season might be more difficult or trying than you may imagine. This season has a track record for bringing up big, deeply rooted blocks, and the only way to kick them is to move through them. The holiday season is a great opportunity to take on this work, too.

There are a few different perspectives to choose to hold mindfulness during your holiday season. The first is gratitude, and it is an unconventional version of gratitude. Rather than focusing on what you are grateful for in the moment, choose to have gratitude for a negativity in your life. That might sound like an impossible thing to do, I know.

This switch in perspective is a powerful one though. Holding gratitude for a block coming up, and giving you the opportunity to work through it changes the energy and feeling toward said block. When you hold gratitude toward something negative, your attitude toward it often softens. That softening itself can allow you to move through the block, at the very least though it will make you more welcoming to hearing what a block has to offer you to grow through.


The second way to find deeper meaning and have peace toward something is to purely be open. In this holiday time, depending on who we are dealing with (family, work, etc.) there is often an energetic history. This can cause a reaction of resistance toward something, and resistance is not our ally. While it can protect us sometimes, it more often than not keeps our mind closed and restricts our own growth. You can be grounded in yourself and simultaneously open to other people/ideas/conversations

So hold openness. If that means you need to focus on your breath during a conversation, do that. If that means you need to take more time to think before you speak, do that. Whatever ways you’re inclined to take more time and allow more space with any situation is what you should follow. Allow the process to be as open as possible, this will help you to be more open as well. Please remember though that if something is draining or lowering your energy, even if you are being open with it, to leave whatever situation that is because if it is that toxic toward you it will likely not serve you well in the long run even to just experience it.

Another way to shift your presence, especially during stress or scarcity, is to remember that you will never have less than you need. There will always be just enough, just the right amount of what you need. By this I mean, you will never not have what you are supposed to. If everything happens and is as it is supposed to be in the grand scheme of things, then you will always be provided for and be able to provide. When you can ground into this truth and this knowing your fear/scarcity/stressful feelings will be given the space to freely melt away.

With these tools to shift your perspective you will likely grow into your own practices, and find different variations that work better for you personally. May you be able to show up from a brighter light and with a more loving perspective in your heart this holiday season.



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