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Essential Traits of Confident Women


Essential Traits of Confident Women

One of my favorite authors, the famous Chilean novelist, Isabelle Allende said: “If a woman is empowered, her children and her family will be better off. If families prosper, the village prospers, and eventually so does the whole country.”
So what key characteristics do empowered and confident women display consistently? Sociological studies reveal these key aspects of these essential traits of confident women.
  1. They admit their flaws
No one is perfect. However, having clear self-awareness is a key attribute for a confident and empowered woman. This type of woman knows her assets and her weaknesses and strives to manage, leverage and improve on both. This is, after all, where real growth comes from; the empowered boss lady knows this.
  1. They know how to say ‘No’
An empowered woman isn’t a victim of her circumstance. She is not afraid to say NO and mean it. She sets boundaries and has no qualms about eating alone since she knows what she brings to the table.
  1. They are open to love
That being said, the empowered woman feels no pressure to marry or to become financially dependent on her partner. She can run her own life on her own terms, she heals her own wounds and faces her fears. The empowered woman does not indulge in self-sabotage or self-doubt.  She will be the one who questions social norms that tend to delegate her place in society. And rest assured, this empowered lady will certainly challenge any structure that doesn’t set well with her.
  1. They don’t conform
The confident woman doesn’t need to ask permission or defer to a figure of authority. If this empowered woman is considering making a move in her career by taking a new job, in her personal life by moving residences or by dating someone new, she will certainly make her own rules. She does as she pleases and as she sees fit.
  1. They ask for help and they listen to advice
An empowered woman allows herself to heal and rest if she needs rejuvenation. She will reach out humbly to her support group without allowing the ego or perception of judgement become a roadblock in her recharging in order to be, once again, the most powerful version of herself.
  1. They own their feelings and listen to them
An empowered woman trusts her intuition and that “gut instinct”. She trusts her inner feelings and deep feminine knowledge and doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to provide direction or validation. The confident woman knows what resonates with her soul and, however odd her intuition may seem, she has enough trust in herself to rely on it every time.
  1. They support other women
Sadly, one falsehood that has been propagated in our culture is that women are always in competition with each other. Sure, competition can be a healthy dynamic that instigates or catalyzes constructive change, but at the end of the day, confident women will be more interested in building each other up, encouraging each other and creating a mutually beneficial climate where all female energy can be put together to encourage each other. A truly empowered woman will want to help out her sister for the collective good.

By recognizing these traits and characteristics of strong, empowered confident women, we can emulate them. May we know know these women; may we be them and may we raise them.



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