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Reasons to Love New Year’s


Reasons to Love New Year’s

Like some are enchanted by the Christmas season I myself love New Year’s and everything that comes along with it. Don’t get me wrong though. I am not talking about parties, escaping the previous year, or the count-down to midnight. I am talking about a new chapter, a fresh page, and one of the most refreshing energies of the year. Sure, you can choose to begin anew any given day, but on New Year’s it is already energetically set up for the collective — almost inevitably.

This year I began preparing for my New Year’s welcoming in November because I want 2017 to be one of my biggest and most productive years personally. It’s not unusual for me to do festive things for New Years and get increasingly excited earlier than most, and when I do this I am sometimes told, “It’s just another year.” Which can begin with or be followed by, “Why do you even care?”

You see, it is just another year. It is also a brilliant opportunity to seize the day. It is also an opening for transformation. It is also the edge of continued personal expansion. So sure, it is just another year. And I prefer to choose to take that year by the balls and make it beautifully mine.

And sure, some goals or ideas fall away — quickly or not doesn’t really make a difference. I have learned through experience that every time that happens something more bountiful and teaching arises in a powerful way. Just like how the end of some chapters leave you guessing and wanting answers, New Years is the first page of the next chapter. Where you excitedly go through the journey and find what you were looking for yet again. Even if it doesn’t show up in the way you had expected, the rush is still so present.

New Years can be parties, drunken shenanigans, and kissing strangers at midnight just because… Or it could be reflection, learning, deep gratitude for the last years events, and eyeing the future that is right in front of you — your future — and giving it that “Let’s dance” kind of smirk. There never was, and will never be a better time to change what New Years means for you than now.

New Years is also a sort of homecoming. Look at us all! We conquered another year of this thing called Life! It was exactly as it was supposed to be. We didn’t drown in our own worries, even if it felt like we were drowning at times. We got to New Years. Now we take a deep breath before getting back to work.

This little underrated holiday can give us a powerful reminder of our purposes. The dusty vision boards become reinspired and a lot of ‘pay it forward’ mindsets resurface. Even if just for a few months, this is something we all need a dose of every now and again. We rekindle our relationships with ourselves, our truths. Many learn what authenticity means here, taking off their own masks in the process and boldly claiming their own skin.

I know New Years is commonly perceived or lived out as an escape from the ‘hell’ of whatever occurred in the passing year, but it is so much more magical than that if you can be open to the raw and glimmering energy of the holiday. What we focus on is what realizes into our lives, right? Where the attention goes the energy flows.

It is the perfect time and opportunity to get reinspired, shake off any stagnant energy that may be trying to hang around the closing of this year, and get to work on our magic!

With prospects of new projects and refreshing, renewed, inspired energy floating throughout the air I couldn’t think of a better time to be openly and presently welcoming and embracing the new.



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