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A Letter to 2016


A Letter to 2016

Hello, my friend.

I am sorry I am so excited to see you go, although I do think it’s your time. You have been a doll, truly. And boy am I grateful for you. Y’know, I’m really sorry everyone has stereotyped you as ‘the year we won’t talk about,’ I think you were beautiful. Sure, chaotic, confusing, and incredibly bizarre but I think it was all beautiful and worth it. I don’t entirely get your vision yet, but I have no doubt that we will all see it realized very soon.

I want to take a moment to thank you. You have taught me so damn much. Thank you for pushing me. For pulling me out of myself and making me figure things out. Thank you for the adventures, the epiphanies, and the accomplishments. Thank you for teaching me and for scaring the hell out of me when I needed it. Apparently, I needed it often.

I do hope that with this New Year and the refreshing perspective it brings we can all see what gifts you brought us. People who couldn’t marry last year got married. What a beautiful gift that is that you brought us.

Of course, you were not perfect. No year ever is, and we could never expect that of you. There will always be sadness, tragedy, grief and death on some level. For without it, there will be no balance. Without some level of darkness we wouldn’t be able to see the stars, right? I think we can all understand that.

I think you did your job well, 2016. And you were exactly what you needed to be, for everyone involved. You surely will end up changing the game in some way, and in the least you made things really interesting on the ride.

Again, I thank you for what you brought — because you did bring abundant light. I thank you for sharing your journey with all of us, and for not holding anything back.

With that, we will bitter-sweetly bid you farewell and hold gratitude for you as we excitedly enter the next chapter.

Namaste, 2016.



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