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Why BET ‘Rebel’ Star Danielle Mone Truitt is an Actress for this Era

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Why BET ‘Rebel’ Star Danielle Mone Truitt is an Actress for this Era

In Hollywood, it can be old fashioned to say that you will be hearing about her, but in the case of  Danielle Mone Truitt, it’s true. Truitt will debut as the lead role in the scripted series “REBEL on BET on March 28 at 8 pm ET/PT. The one-hour drama is directed and produced by John Singleton and also stars Giancarlo Esposito, Mykelti Williams and rapper, Method Man.

However, the spotlight is on Truitt, whose character is an Oakland policewoman named Rebecca “Rebel” Knight. Knight leaves the force under extenuating circumstances, then becomes a private investigator intent on bringing bad cops to justice.  

Inspirer chatted with the actress about her new role but also about another role –  her work in her community to bring those in crisis together and to empower them with an outreach program, plus her charity work with her minister hubby.

How did you meet or know of John Singleton?

Well, I’ve known of John Singleton since I was 10 years old when my auntie took me and my brother and sister to the drive-in to see “Boyz In The Hood.” It was a day I will never forget.

I didn’t meet John Singleton until my callback audition for “REBEL.” Needless to say, I considered it a great privilege to just be able to audition for him.

What attracted you to the role of Rebel?

It was honestly love at the first reading of the character description. I am brown-skinned woman with natural hair, from Northern California, so when the description said “Rebel: Brown Skinned Woman, from Oakland, CA with Natural Hair.” I was like “Wait,what? That’s me.” Other than that, I loved how strong she was. It is so empowering to see women on screen kicking butt and being completely unapologetic about it. Any opportunity to play a character with so much soul, and grit is a blessing. I am also very passionate about the topic that our show speaks to. The relationship between police and people of color is one that needs major change and reform.

When did you really know you’d take the role if you got it?

Oh, as soon as I read the sides and started working on it with my acting coach, Elisabeth Nunziato.

You have a beautiful natural style, natural hair, will Rebel be able to show this in the series?

Oh yes, we are celebrating what is natural and God given. Our hope is to encourage other women to fully embrace their fierceness and beauty.

As an actress, you get to partake in a lot of elite, glamorous events, plus glam lifestyle and probably more after the show debuts, but you are also involved in politics at a local community level  (if you could talk a bit about BE Eternal and how it began, what it means and what you have accomplished, hopes for the future).

BE Eternal started as an idea for a theater company. I produced a show called “Oh Say Can You See” that spoke to how artists were feeling about the inauguration of Barack Obama. From there I got an idea for artist wellness called BE Eternal: The Thriving Artist. Artists come together to talk about things that affect us on a personal level, things like depression, rejection, managing relationships, how to handle success, among other topics.

I used my platform to produce a community event called More Than A Hashtag. A night of open discussion and performance surrounding the misuse of police force and our role in activism to rekindle awareness towards injustice through expression by those who work in entertainment, government, education, and the community.

You and your husband are also involved in a ministry together. Could you share more about that?

We have a pretty awesome ministry called The LivingRoom. We have services every Saturday night at 7pm. Our mission is to win the weekend for Christ, so we give people another opportunity to worship on Saturday night. We are also active in the community. We serve the homeless community, pray at police stations, give scholarships and hold clothing drives.






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