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Boys Playing with Dolls, Is It Really So Bad?


Boys Playing with Dolls, Is It Really So Bad?

It is rather common to see a little girl play with baby dolls and a little boy play with action figures. I always wondered who exactly set the standards or created this boundary. What is so terrible about a little boy playing with a baby doll anyway? How long have these said standards and boundaries been in effect? Am I the only one who has ever questioned this?

It is sad, in my opinion, that so many people deter young boys from playing with baby dolls. More often than not the reasoning behind this is that baby dolls are for girls. Sports, cars, action figures, army men, all of those are acceptable for a boy; oddly enough it’s even somewhat acceptable for girls to play with those items as well.

How is a baby doll only for girls? Consider this my friends, when a couple has a baby it is both parents who should be taking care of the baby. I have seen very many men shy away from their own baby, I’m not saying that boys have to play with baby dolls to learn good fathering skills but I am saying is I see how it could help. A little girl plays with baby dolls until they grow out of it but the whole entire time they are practicing caring for this little baby doll they carry them around all the time and have little outfits and diapers it only seems natural that they would have a stronger paternal instinct.

Are males only meant to fix cars, go to war, and play sports? I think if more young boys had little baby dolls that maybe more men would feel comfortable when they become a father or an uncle. It is somewhat funny to see a grown man feel so nervous holding their tiny baby for the first time, it’s almost as if it’s unnatural and in a way, it’s because it is. A young girl truly gets a lot out of having baby dolls to care for I feel as though young boys should also get the experience, after all, one day they may have to feed, cloth, change, and care for their very own child, their very own baby doll.

I know I’m not the only one who has seen the movies or heard someone say in true life “ I swear it seems as though my husband cares more about his car, his job, watching sports….” Maybe that is a symptom of a problem that many people are over looking. Raising a child doesn’t come with gender qualifications and there is no separation of the sexes as a classification in the dictionary. If you look up the word Parent behind it somewhere should mention Mother and Father both.

Sometimes we worry too much about what other people might think about all sorts of things in out lives, especially pertaining to our children and our choices. If someone makes a big deal about Boys & Dolls in a negative way, remind them that one day that little boy might become a father this baby doll will help him learn how to be an active and equal parent. There’s nothing wrong with teaching all kids how to be nurturing and letting them enjoy their childhoods, if your little guy is into dolls maybe that’s your way of knowing one day he will be a great father, you never know.



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