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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- Induct These Women: Kate Bush

Induct These Women Series

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- Induct These Women: Kate Bush


When given the opportunity to write about some of the incredible women who somehow have been forgotten in previous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, it was astonishing how many well known names whom to date have not been inducted. Upon looking through the list of women,  Kate Bush is arguably one of the most unique and intriguing singers not inducted. Bush has had a lengthy career spanning across the decades that proves the impact she has made.

From a very young age, Kate’s musical interests and abilities were apparent, as she learned to play various instruments, creating compositions and laterally completing with lyrics. Producing demo tapes of her work, the compositions landed on the desks of a number of record labels who unfortunately deemed uninterested. A demo tape did however fall into the hands of rock legend David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who evidently encouraged and inspired Kate greatly, and as result helped her create a selection of new demo tapes. Before long Kate was signed under EMI records and on the way to releasing her first record proving that self-belief and persistence goes a very long way indeed.

In 1978, aged just 19 years old, Kate Bush made her mark on the world when she released her first album titled “The Kick Inside.” Her debut single “Withering Heights,” which also featured on the album, dominated the top of the UK charts for a total of four weeks. This iconic number perhaps may have never received the success that it did without Kate’s sheer persistence and belief. Despite being such a young age, she insisted that “Withering Heights” become her debut single against the will of her record companies who initially believed that “James and The Cold Gun” was a better option. The success of the single continued to shine, giving Kate the title of the first woman to achieve a UK number one with a self-penned song.

One thing that many aren’t aware of is the control and the loving input that Kate put into to every aspect of her career. She truly cared about the music and wanted it to be the best it could possibly be. She learned the art of production whilst co-producing her earlier records and before taking the full reigns to become the sole producer of “The Dreaming,” her 1982 release. Evidently, the importance of having control over her career was something Kate strived for and understandably so; the music industry is a tough and brutal industry and having the confidence to make her own decisions by being the captain of her own ship is something that made her stand out and continue to be the success that she is. Having been a part of the industry for just a short period of time, she founded a publishing and management company gaining her the influence she sought regarding her work.

The success of Kate’s career has seen her receive many awards, titles and records including: the first British female artist to have a number one album in the UK charts, thanks to the 1980 release “Never for Ever,” which featured another classic song “Babushka,” and 1985’s “Hounds of Love” albums soared to number one in the charts knocking Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” off the highly sought after spot.

Even in the present day Kate Bush is still as relevant as ever. All we need to do is take a look back at the past few years to see that the love, admiration, and anticipation still remains. The excitement and hysteria surrounding the exciting announcement of Kate’s 22 night residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in London back in 2014 was immense. After all this was set to be first series of live shows since her first ever tour in 1979! Both the media and fans alike were equally as excited about the prospect at what was yet to come. It just goes to show the significance of Kate’s career in the world of music. One can’t help but wonder just how exciting and magical the prospect alone was for the lady herself.

The triumph and success of someone like Kate Bush is a rare occurrence and should be celebrated by the world. Her success alone is reason enough for Kate to join the long list of deserving names in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She is an influential figure; someone who is unique and is never afraid to be herself nor break the boundaries. 




Robyn is a blogger and radio DJ located in Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland. She is about to begin her final year of school studying art and music and following this hopes to have a career in media and journalism. Robyn has written and produced a variety of content for sites such as One Soul Many Hearts and Young Scot as well as raising awareness for those with disabilities and chronic pain sufferers by sharing personal experiences on her blog. Aside from her keen interest in journalism, Robyn has a strong passion for music and can often be found browsing her local music stores, practicing bass and sharing her favorite tracks with listeners during a weekly radio slot at 3TFM located in her home of Scotland.

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