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Amal Clooney – Hollywood Wife, Future Mom of Twins, and Human Rights Lawyer Who Took on ISIS


Amal Clooney – Hollywood Wife, Future Mom of Twins, and Human Rights Lawyer Who Took on ISIS

Amal Clooney is the phenomenal woman. Married to famous Hollywood actor George Clooney, she has taken on ISIS in international courts, and is now reportedly pregnant with twins, due in June.

In 2010, after a couple of years working in the United States as a clerk, Clooney headed back to Britain to work on several high profile cases for the prestigious Doughty Street Chambers in London. During this time, she represented Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, during Sweden extradition proceedings. Additionally, she specialized in criminal law, international law, extradition cases, and human rights cases.

Clooney is also co-editor of “The Law and Practice of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon,” and author of numerous international criminal law publications by Oxford University Press, per ABC. The legal text was published under her maiden name, Amal Alamuddin.

The high profile barrister boasts an impressive educational pedigree.

  • United Kingdom’s Oxford University, graduate, Jurisprudence degree (pre-law/LLB)
  • New York University Law School graduate

During her time at NYU, Clooney acquired a most impressive headline on her resume. She worked in the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit under judge Sonia Sotomayor; current Supreme Court judge appointed by President Barack Obama in 2009. The two were seen having dinner in NYC last year, along with hubby George Clooney.

The human rights lawyer took on the Islamic State group to end their rampage of genocide and human trafficking in international courts. I’d say twins will be no match for the multi-talented and beautiful Mrs. George Clooney!

“[Murad was just] one of 6,700 Yazidis taken by ISIS two summers ago to be sold in markets and on Facebook for $20 or more,” Amal Clooney said, according to People. “Nadia’s mother was one of 80 older women who were executed and buried in an unmarked grave, her brothers’ part of a group of 600 who were murdered in a single day.”



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