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Breath, the Most Powerful Tool in Mindfulness


Breath, the Most Powerful Tool in Mindfulness

There is one common misconception about mindfulness being broken down, and this is the belief that to practice mindfulness takes time (too much time) out of one’s day. If there was one top tool that I would suggest to anyone looking into mindfulness, it would be breath. Breath is something so incredibly important, valuable, and powerful, and yet we take it for granted every day.

Breathing is something everyone does, without thought or intent. This breath we create constantly each day is our life force and in our busy, success fueled world, we don’t take a moments thought to acknowledge this incredible thing that we intuitively do on a subconscious basis.

Imagine if we brought gratitude to that breath, and used that breath to become more present and guided. What shifts do you think would occur?

In times of high stress or chaos, consciously taking a deep breath will bring calm to the body and mind. Taking a conscious breath or breathing consciously will center your presence and create a more open, inviting, and loving energy within your body.

This centered space of presence opens you to experience peace and guidance. More compassion, more insight, and more truth come to the surface through this lighter presence. Even as I write this I am periodically focusing on my breath. Taking deep breaths every few moments to realign my thoughts and help me to deepen into the writing with wisdom.
Mindfulness only takes a moment to practice, because it is the practice of living in the moment. Breath is the perfect example of this truth. The simple yet eloquent action of conscious breath is a powerhouse for bringing one back into the present moment. When you can be more present you can show up to life with more clarity, compassion, and understanding. I feel confident in saying that is a place everyone would like to live from more often.



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