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Our Legacy Will Come From the People, Not the President


Our Legacy Will Come From the People, Not the President

We have come upon a very weird time in history. The energy, opinions, judgments, and perceptions around us can be quite polarized in this time, and it seems this is what the next (at least) four years will look like in the States. Some are feeling a lot of fear and anger, while others are feeling a lot of triumph and pride. I could easily slip into the fearful, angst filled majority, and I am choosing not to.

It is in times like this that I am reminded of many many universal truths and lessons of conscious being, i.e. ‘The arrow must be pulled back before it can fly forward.’, ‘everything happens for a reason,; ‘there must be darkness before we can reach/see/feel/become light,’ ‘there must be a challenge before one can learn their lesson,’ ‘where attention goes energy flows,” etc.

I continuously ground myself in these truths throughout most of my life. I have trust and certainty in these truths with every cell in my being, though I am still cautious and concerned of what the time we are coming upon will be.

We are writing out our history. We always are, however this intense and confusing space we have come into reminds us of this weight on a much larger level than we may have previously been aware of. For all I know the words I am writing could become iconic somewhere in the future. While that is true for every word I will ever write, the energy this time holds makes it feel a little bit different. The slightest bit heavier, a tinge more serious.

As I wrote before, I will not choose fear or anger in this time in history. I can go back and vividly see myself watching the Inauguration of Donald Trump. I can see that I was on the verge of tears and trying to sort out my tangled feelings as I watched the ‘peaceful transfer of power’ be gifted to, who I believe to be, a despicable man. I learned again on a deeper level that anger is not productive, and fear is equally stagnant. As weird as these times feel, because they feel so fucking weird, I am choosing love. I am choosing to trust in the process of the Divine. I am choosing to live in my power. I am choosing to take note of all of the good and beautiful things that occur within life.

I can dwell. I can be angry, confused, and sad. We all can. Nothing about those ways of being is empowering, productive, or healthy. My power is not and never will be defined by who takes office.

It will never be defined by anyone other than myself, for that matter. It will be defined by who I choose to be and how I choose to show up. It will be defined by what I decide to make of myself, how I decide to carry myself, and how much of myself I am willing to stand in authentically.

As much as I am concerned for what the future holds, I am completely grounded into my trust that everything happens as it is supposed to, when it is supposed to. There is no doubt in my mind that what we experience, learn, and grow through will lead to something astoundingly beautiful in the long run.

Love undeniably trumps hate, and light will always outdo darkness. So I will shine as brightly as I can, and I will love as delicately and impactfully as I can. The legacy will not come from the president or the events. It will be from the people, how we choose to work with what we’ve been given, and how we choose to show up



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