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Kate Neligan a Woman Making a Difference


Kate Neligan a Woman Making a Difference

What if a horse was the most important teacher in your life this year? This is a question that Agoura-based, Equine-Assisted Life Coach Kate Neligan likes to ask her audience. Kate has loved and ridden horses since she was a child, however she never realized the difference a horse makes with their deep, intuitive powers.until she began an apprenticeship in equine therapy for addicts in recovery.

In just two hours, Neligan watches addicts transform, through the healing touch of the horse. Kate quickly became addicted to this herself. She has seen massive personal growth over the course of years while receiving her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. It was awe-inspiring to see it happen with the horses. She then realized that partnering with horses was her calling.  

Neligan’s entire life changed when she rescued a horse named Lindsey. Lindsey was to be euthanized when her old ranch closed. This 20 year old chestnut Thoroughbred made it apparent that she wanted to continue to fulfill her mission joining the hearts of humanity with unconditional love. Lindsey quickly became Neligans’s own spiritual teacher and because of their special synergy, clients learn from their wisdom and receive their medicine.  

Together the duo typically coach career-driven individuals over the course of many months. Offering group workshops on boundary setting, expanding intuition, deepening in self-love, coping strategies in times of change, creative self-expression, and meditation/yoga with horses. They mostly serve women who are experiencing transitions and feeling unfulfilled. However, they have also enjoyed working with men, children, and teens.

Their work was recently featured by the NY Post in an article entitled “Depressed? There’s a Horse for That.” Neligan runs a Meetup and Facebook group to share the inspiration of equus called “Equine Rockstars.” In addition to building a community of horse lovers, ‘Kate & Lindsey’ give back by providing private sessions to those in financial need. Pulling from their scholarship fund on Crowdrise anyone can participate. This year, they will expand their leadership and team building retreats with corporate groups. Both have already worked with major entertainment brands.

 For more on Kate & Lindsey: consciousrockstar.com



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