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NFL Host Women’s Summit for Houston Area Teens


NFL Host Women’s Summit for Houston Area Teens

With a mere 48 hours until Super Bowl 50, the NFL is conducting an interactive Women’s Summit for 250 Houston area girls. The summit hopes to encourage young women to achieve goals, prepare for challenges, and learn personal and professional development. Speakers from a variety of fields addressing the teens include Gabby Douglas in sports,  Jane Skinner Goodell in media, and Gretta Granado in engineering.

2016 marked the first year of the Women’s Summit. Serena Williams and Condoleezza Rice were top billing and served up touching, motivating speeches. Rice explained how sports can teach responsibility for ones own victories and defeats.

You can’t blame someone else when something doesn’t go right. You simply have to accept that it’s on you. We need to have more of that these days. There’s a little bit too much victimhood about there for me, because you know what happens when you start considering yourself a victim? You’ve given up control to someone else. Your well being is on them. That’s really not a good place to be. -Condoleeza Rice NFL Women’s Summit 2016

Tennis legend and women’s rights activist, Billie Jean King, was also a guest speaker at last year’s summit. King discussed continued sexism in the sports world. For instance, she would like to see the NFL officially merge with America’s little-known women’s tackle football leagues. King left the summit with this,

“For the NFL, this is an opportunity, a moment in time. They can go back after having this first women’s summit—and see it as a start.”

The two day summit is being held February 3-4 in Houston Tx, with the theme “Plays for Life.” The teens won’t just be sitting and listening to speakers, but engaging in an interactive strategy lab led by former and current NFL players and coaches. There is also a mock TV studio available to learn how content is produced.

To watch the NFL’s Women’s Summit, visit makers.com/nflwomenssummit to stream live. And be sure to follow the tag #NFLWomensSummit for all the fun.



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