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‘Feud’ Giving a New Generation Lessons in Old Hollywood Feminism


‘Feud’ Giving a New Generation Lessons in Old Hollywood Feminism

Ryan Murphy has done it again. After the monumental success of the “American Horror Story” series, many wondered where Murphy would go from here. “Feud” will undoubtedly bring continued success to FX and the writer/producer/director.

To tell the story of iconic women in Hollywood, you need iconic women. The pairing of Jessica Lange (Joan Crawford) and Susan Sarandon (Bette Davis) truly brings the story full circle. However, these aren’t the only heavy hitters. Kathy Bates, Catherine Zeta Jones, Judy Davis, and Jackie Hoffman round out the cast of kick-ass women, bringing an air of the times, as if you stepped into a time machine.

The show is shining a light on feminism of that time. Crawford approached Davis about teaming up because both were unhappy with the roles being offered to them. This was a pretty ballsy move for women in Hollywood. Both women had a reputation as being tough and bullheaded, so of course it makes sense that they would take matters into their own hands. It was obviously a tough gig being a woman during those times, especially for two women who were in control of their careers. “Feud” seems to be giving you a glimpse, not only into the drama between the icons, but the personal issues both women faced in their lives. As wives and mothers, they were some of the earliest examples of women struggling to find a balance between an extensive professional life and the societal domestic expectations that were also placed upon them. Of all the things that were between Davis and Crawford, “Feud” captures the common ground — the understanding they each had for the other’s predicament.

“Feud” airs on FX, Sunday’s 10/9ct



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