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Haim Teases Fans with Short Clip Pointing to New Music April 27


Haim Teases Fans with Short Clip Pointing to New Music April 27

Early on April 20, Haim posted a short clip with the caption, “April 27, 2017,” leaving fans chomping at the bit for the band’s second studio album. Since the success of the sisters’ Grammy nominated debut in 2013, they’ve toured and grown their fan base. Along with this video teaser, billboards have been popping up in cities internationally. Including one on the way to the famous Coachella music festival.

For over a year Haim has talked about the new music, as well as debuted new songs, “Nothing’s Wrong” and “Give Me Just a Little of Your Love” during their North American shows last year. The band also cancelled their European tour to get back to the studio.  What the band has in store is still anyone’s guess, but we will all be eagerly waiting for April 27 to arrive.



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