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Stevie Nicks: “A Final Stop on the 24K Gold North American Tour”


Stevie Nicks: “A Final Stop on the 24K Gold North American Tour”

Photography by Annie Govekar for Inspirer

“Message of Love”
Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders welcomes the crowd at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY. Hynde says they bring with them their “Message of Love.” Audience favorites include “Brass in Pocket” and “I’ll Stand By You.”

“Come with me!”
Everyone leaps to their feet as Stevie Nicks arrives on stage.  This is the last stop for the 24K Gold North American tour. Nicks invites everyone to go on the journey with her.

“One last duet”
Hynde leans on Nicks as she joins her to sing “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” one last time.

“Farewell, Pretenders”
The Pretenders return to the stage to bid farewell. Hynde tells the crowd that “Stevie is the best” and Nicks adds “You are giving me a run for my money, lady!”

“In my heart I was terrified”
Nicks shares with the audience her fear over the possibility that the success of “Bella Donna” was just a fluke. She started working on “Wild Heart” and added “I was not having it. I was not going to be the worlds biggest fluke.”

“Sometimes crazy is good”
“Wild Heart” came out “crazy” according to Nicks and she “loved it”. “It was nothing like ‘Bella Donna’ and that’s what I wanted. Something completely and utterly different.”

“My boots and the cape”
Nicks shows off the cape that was used for “Bella Donna” 30 years ago. She looks down and says, “When I look down it looks exactly like it did 35 years ago – my boots and the cape – exactly the same.”

“Saved my life”
Nicks sings “Moonlight: A Vampire’s Dream”.  “The song saved my life in a lot of ways. It brought that amazing emotion out of me, that as a writer I love, that’s why I do this.”

“Pale shadow of a woman”
The crowd goes wild for “Gold Dust Woman.” Nicks explains that the character “takes ahold of where she wants to go and it doesn’t have a lot to do with me anymore, it’s a desperate picture.”

“My purple guardian angel”
Nicks shares the story of “Stand Back” and talks about her relationship with Prince. “For me he is not gone and he will never be gone, because of the song we wrote together.”

“The joy of singing”
Sharon Celani and Marilyn “Minnie” Martin join Nicks in singing “If You Were My Love.”  “Today with these girls singing this song is like why we do this… It’s just for the joy of singing”

“This is for me”
“I don’t care if anybody buys my records or not, this is for me now. At my age, I am writing for me and I am having a wonderful time writing songs for my own personal love of just sitting at the piano and creating something. Even if just a few of you love it, that is all I need.”

“This is for you”
Nicks closes out the tour by introducing her last encore “Landslide.” Written in Aspen in 1973, she said this song took them to the top. Tonight, she dedicates it to the audience and the audience returns the gesture by having the loudest sing along I have heard.

“It has been just spectacular”
The audience listens as Nicks explains that this tour was a big risk for her. She goes on to say it has been like being in a big living room where you’re just hanging out and playing music with your friends.  “I can’t even tell you how much it means to me, it means the world, it’s what I do… It’s all I do. My whole life is right here on this stage.”




Annie is a photographer and artist currently residing outside of Philadelphia. She has a degree in media design from the MTSU School of Journalism and got her start doing graphic and merchandise design for the NYC theatre community. She spends most of her free time traveling to theatre, concerts, or creating art. She has an unquenchable thirst to explore all things abandoned and old. Annie also answers to the name of Yoda (a favorite nickname amongst family and friends)

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