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Blondie’s New Album ‘Pollinator’ is a Fun Continuum of Sound


Blondie’s New Album ‘Pollinator’ is a Fun Continuum of Sound

Blondie is back!  The band’s eleventh studio album, “Pollinator,” dropped today, with singles “Fun”—which rose to No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs — and “Long Time,” released in February and March respectively.  The album is a collaborative work featuring rock great Joan Jett, Sia Furler, (“Best Day Ever”) and Johnny Marr (“My Monster”) to name just a few.  “Pollinator” is a nice return to the classic rock sound on tracks like “My Monster,” while continuing to showcase the band’s embrace of subgenres like the punk rock and electronic sound that you will hear on songs like “Fun.”  Debbie Harry continues to deliver powerful, intense vocal work that, at 71, contemporary vocalists might struggle with.  And a bonus?  There’s an extra track, “Tonight,” featuring Laurie Anderson.  “Pollinator” is the album that will play over and over and still sound refreshing this summer, no question.

Track Listing:

  1. “Doom or Destiny” (feat. Joan Jett)
  2. “Long Time”
  3. “Already Naked”
  4. “Fun”
  5. “My Monster”
  6. “Best Day Ever”
  7. “Gravity”
  8. “When I Gave Up on You” (feat. The Gregory Brothers)
  9. “Love Level” (feat. John Roberts)
  10. “Too Much”
  11. “Fragments”
  12. Bonus Track: “Tonight” (feat. Laurie Anderson)



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