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LA’s Velvet Winter Releases Single “Crystal Heart”


LA’s Velvet Winter Releases Single “Crystal Heart”

Los Angeles-based recording artist Talon Majors recently released a single entitled “Crystal Heart,” under her new project name Velvet Winter. The new project takes a turn towards the experimental. Mixing electronic indie rock with some Spanish guitar. Majors has been working with producers Andrew Furze and Todd Bergman to explore her new sound, mixing together blues/jazz, and elements of indie pop rock.

The mixture of music styles makes sense considering that Majors’ interest in music has been varied from the start. She didn’t actually start out as a vocalist at all, but on the instrumental side. Her interest in music started with a love of the saxophone, followed by the drums, then spent some years doing the garage band thing. The inspiration to start songwriting came after relocating from Colorado to Los Angeles and going through some rough times. And still, the vocals came later. It wasn’t until after a nearly fatal health scare in 2015 that she first started recording her music, which she did so with the help of producer Doug Grean.

Her most recent single, “Crystal Heart,” has a classic rock feel and a multidimensional electronic vibe. Made even more catchy by the clear and approachable vocals. The sound feels extremely artist authentic and it’s a fun song despite having serious undertones. The video uses both the beach and the desert to tell the song’s story, both the water and the fire, a loss of power and a newfound strength.

Majors credits her personal battles for providing the inspiration that has carried her music career to where it is today and still makes an effort to connect to people who might need a bit of inspiration themselves.

“I’ve also always been incredibly outspoken and somewhat of a free thinker. I learned at a young age how incredibly judgmental people can be about anyone they do not understand…I hope to connect with people with troubled pasts whether it’s drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual orientation, and others. My heart goes out to people with depression, PTSD and other illnesses that you can’t see on the surface. But everyone has the power to dig deep and overcome these issues. If you live in someone else’s shadow, you’ll always be behind your dream.”

As for what’s coming next from the EP, it sounds like more will be revealed.

“The project has so much happening now I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

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Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of genres. Her experience spans blogging, creative writing, screenwriting, and journalism for digital and print magazines. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Find her on social media @KateFerg

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