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Actress Erin Darke Delivers a Strong Performance in Seven Lovers


Actress Erin Darke Delivers a Strong Performance in Seven Lovers

Seven Lovers is a cinematic triumph in its telling of a beautiful, yet complex love story of one girl who is trying to find a lasting relationship in New York City, something so many of us can relate to. Laura, the main character of the film is perfectly portrayed by the talented actress Erin Darke. We caught up with Erin to talk about the film, her role and how she relates to the character.

Tell us about the character you play in Seven Lovers.

I play one character, but at different stages of her dating life. Laura is a girl trying to survive in New York City. Throughout the people meets and begins relationships with, she becomes a different person depending on the person she is dating at the time.

What parts of Laura did you resonate with most?

I specifically resonated with Laura’s sense of growing throughout the film and in each relationship. In playing this role, I went back to different relationships in my own life. Getting to know yourself and what you are about is so important as we experience different relationships. I think Laura’s growth as a person throughout the movie is what many of us can relate to as we reflect upon our own past relationships.

Was there a certain tool or frame of mind that you used to get yourself into character?

There were different tools I used for each relationship, as the character was quite different in each one. I did some research for each individual story within the movie. Each different storyline triggered something different for me. I definitely resonate with Laura so it wasn’t too hard for me to get into character. With any character you play, you always want to bring a part of yourself to the role.

How long did it take to shoot the film?

We shot the whole movie in 18 days.

What’s the one thing that you hope people will take away from the movie and Laura’s struggles?

I hope that people will take away the idea that love is a journey. Sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good. Who we usually end up with in the end is someone that the relationship just comes about easily with. This is what makes you able to be in a good relationship. Most of all, we end up learning about ourselves. I think this is portrayed so beautifully in the film.

You live in New York City and obviously, the city plays a big role as a backdrop in Seven Lovers. Did you have any struggles when you first moved here? I think that daily struggle is something that ties us all together as New Yorkers.

Surviving in New York is definitely tough. Dating in New York is difficult. I think we all have this idea of dating in New York City as being this cinematic, picturesque thing. We’re set up to believe that dating here is what we see in movies and on TV. Learning to just survive here is challenging.

Are there any types of roles that you find yourself drawn to?

I am always drawn to well flushed-out, female characters with great strengths and great flaws. I’m fortunate to play different characters, especially women who are finding themselves and their own strengths. The journey is beautiful. I really love playing strong feminist characters.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you are working on now?

I have a few Indie films I am currently working on. Thank You for Your Service is a film that will come out in the fall. I also wrote a script. It came out of a sense of frustration from not getting roles I wanted, so I wrote a character that I wanted to play. I love the creative process of writing.

Since this is a magazine about inspiring women, in your own words, what do you think makes an inspiring woman?

An inspiring woman to me is someone who works for the gain of others around her. I think my generation lost that sense of community for a bit. I think we are now in a period of rebuilding that sense of working together for own success and the success of others. I encourage the communication between women and I’m fortunate to have met some great women who want to be there to support one another and build each other up.

Seven Lovers is available to purchase or rent on the following digital platforms: Amazon, iTunes Microsoft, VUDU, Vubiquity Dish & Google.



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