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Singer/Songwriter Miranda Glory Making Moves for Her Music


Singer/Songwriter Miranda Glory Making Moves for Her Music

There is an ethereal, dreamlike quality to Miranda Glory’s new single Blue Eyes, featuring Matty Owens. She touches on, almost plays with, the auto-tune vibe in today’s pop and R&B but doesn’t allow this to overpower her raw talent. This talent, honed in Boston’s Berklee School of Music, launched her to Valencia, Spain where she recorded a vinyl LP with the Berklee label. From there she was discovered by Neverland Songwriting Retreat in Costa Rica and since then her career has been a bicoastal odyssey among some of the top songwriters in the industry today.

Miranda Glory

Inspirer spoke to the up and coming singer/songwriter from her current home base in New York about her roots at Berklee, her recent record contract, and how her gift for music and songwriting has shaped her journey.

Fresh out of music school, Miranda has had an epic year. She has already worked among industry heavy hitters and earned the attention of Tommy Boy Records. Her songwriting skills have taken her to Costa Rica and L.A. where she recently spent a month of intense collaboration writing songs for the Tommy Boy label.

Although she has written solo in the past, these days Miranda Glory finds that much of her work is collaborative. For the single Blue Eyes, she teamed up with producer Dwilley and songwriter Jake Torrence, both of whom she knew from her Berklee days.

Miranda Glory knew from way back that music was where she wanted to end up. Growing up in Michigan, it was through her older sisters’ interest in musical theater that she began to find her own path. She started singing and, when the family relocated to New York, she enrolled in a performing arts high school. When she arrived at Berklee, Miranda knew that songwriting was her future.

For the single Blue Eyes, Miranda partners up with rapper Matty Owens who grounds her graceful cadence with satisfying riffs. Producer Dwilley, who was a collaborator on the song introduced the two.

Before her new partnership with Tommy Boy Records, Miranda had recorded her own EP which garnered some attention on Sound Cloud. Enough that she was invited to Costa Rica on a full retreat scholarship to work with industry publishers, songwriters, and producers all of whom she now works with on a regular basis.

Wherever she goes, Miranda Glory makes an impression. Her innate talent and music school pedigree have made her a rising star to watch in the singer/songwriter community. As her career continues to unfurl, she discusses making the move to L.A. permanently, leaving New York behind her for now.

For a girl from Michigan, Miranda Glory has proven that with the right combination of talent and tenacity, she will be taking the world by storm, one note at a time.



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