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Stevie Nicks Re-Records ‘Gypsy’ for New Netflix Thriller


Stevie Nicks Re-Records ‘Gypsy’ for New Netflix Thriller

Earlier this year word spread that Stevie Nicks had re-recorded her Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Gypsy’ for a Netflix series by the same name. Fans were chomping at the bit to see how the song would be reinvented. Well, the wait is over. The stripped down piano version of ‘Gyspy’ is how Nicks says the song was written, with just a piano. Producer Greg Kurstin helped create this new, deeper, ‘Gypsy.’ Kurstin is known for producing songs for artists like Sia and Adele. The song plays at the beginning of each episode with the opening credits.

Gypsy (the series) follows Jean Holloway, (Naomi Watts) a psychologist who’s seemingly perfect life isn’t so perfect. She tends to immerse herself into her patient’s lives, crossing a professional boundary. Holloway begins to lose her true identity in the process of her trying to help her patients.

Creator Lisa Rubin who wrote the pilot while listening to Nicks’ 1982 hit told Entertainment Weekly, “I didn’t know the song ‘Gypsy,’ so when it came on, the tone felt so right. I looked up the lyrics and what it meant and it resonated, all of that longing and feeling, it felt fitting for the show, so it became part of the fabric.” The thought of using another artist’s take on the song mulled around for a while until Executive Producer Liza Chasin had the idea to involve Nicks herself. The original recording still didn’t have the right feel for the show, so the two ladies boldly approached Nicks about re-recording it for their show.

Gypsy‘s first 10-episodes are set to premiere on Netflix Friday, June 30.



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