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Once a week Inspirer will feature a selection of drawings by our staff photographer, Annie Govekar. The drawings are part of the “Nevertheless” portrait project which feature inspiring women and their quotes. This week the “Nevertheless” portraits will continue to highlight women featured in Inspirer’s “Induct These Women” series.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Quote taken from Daily Mirror interview, 1957.

When one is to think of pioneering musicians, Sister Rosetta Tharpe should always be at the forefront of one’s mind. Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a lot of things: a multi-instrumentalist, a gospel singer, a songwriter, and a guitar virtuoso. For whatever reason, she’s become more of a cult icon than the global icon she should be, which is a shame for many reasons. The biggest of those is the influence she has had on so many artists over the years. That influence continues today. Some even argue that the term “rock-and-roll” came from Sister Rosetta.

View the full Inspirer article here:  http://inspirer.life/home/2017/05/rock-roll-hall-fame-induct-women-sister-rosetta-tharpe/

Pat Benatar

Quote taken from The Believer Magazine interview, 2003.

Pat Benatar found fame in 1979 with her debut album “In the Heat of the Night,” which featured well known tracks “Heartbreaker” and “We Live for Love.”  Those tunes, as well as, “Love is a Battlefield,” “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” and “We Belong” are probably some of the most recognized song titles in rock and roll, and they’ve stood the test of time, transcending generations, and, although perhaps inadvertently, and with the help of films like “13 Going On 30,” have become staples in female youth culture. Benatar’s story is one of perseverance — a woman in a man’s world who would become a fierce trailblazer for women in music.

View the full Inspirer article here:  http://inspirer.life/home/2017/01/rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-induct-these-women-pat-benatar/

Mary Wells

Quote taken from Wells’ Congressional Committee testimony about funding cancer research, 1991.

Mary Wells, considered the “Queen of Motown,” is one of the first singers responsible for defining the genre’s legendary sound in the 1960’s. She had an incredible amount of momentum entering the music industry, and likely would have outdone herself over the years had she not faced some of the struggles that she did. Even so, she had a variety of firsts and paved the way for not only women in the industry, but other Motown artists as well.

View the full Inspirer article here:  http://inspirer.life/home/2017/05/rock-roll-hall-fame-induct-women-mary-wells/

More about the Nevertheless Project:

The “Nevertheless” project is an art project that features a quote and portrait of an inspiring woman every day. The goal of the project is to run for 365 days while inspiring, motivating and educating. The idea for this project came along while I was commiserating over the current state of the world with my friend. I asked “What can I even do?” My friend simply responded with “Your art.”  This resonated with me and the project was started shortly after.  My hope is to lift people up by shinning the light on badass women. Some you may know, some you may not. We would love to hear who inspires you and who you think should be featured.



Annie is a photographer and artist currently residing outside of Philadelphia. She has a degree in media design from the MTSU School of Journalism and got her start doing graphic and merchandise design for the NYC theatre community. She spends most of her free time traveling to theatre, concerts, or creating art. She has an unquenchable thirst to explore all things abandoned and old. Annie also answers to the name of Yoda (a favorite nickname amongst family and friends)

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