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Yoga 30 for 30 Helping Find Balance in a Busy World


Yoga 30 for 30 Helping Find Balance in a Busy World

Balance is hard to find. We all crave it, but for many it feels eternally out of reach. We work long hours, struggle to keep up in a fast paced society, and often don’t fuel our bodies with optimal nutrition. Fad diets and exercise trends come and go so fast it’s impossible to keep up. One day we’re cutting out a whole food group and the next we’re trying the latest quick fix exercise program. Losing and re-gaining weight isn’t a healthy pattern but for many of us, it’s the norm. It isn’t that we don’t want to maintain healthy habits, but seriously, who has the time?

Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot believe that anyone can transform their lifestyle and they have created a plan to make it so. Yoga 30 for 30 is a comprehensive program that combines the wide ranging benefits of Yoga with a complete nutritional plan in order to deliver more than just a quick fix.

The duo are masters in their field. Eliot is a top L.A. based yoga instructor and author who has helped change the lives of countless people. Eckstrom has worked as the yoga instructor to many celebrities, helping them balance their hectic lives through the power of this ancient practice.

They decided it was time to find a way to bring the life-changing benefits of yoga to the busy masses and that’s when Yoga 30 for 30 was born. The program is designed to fit seamlessly into a busy schedule. All that’s needed are 30 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home. Eckstrom and Eliot bring the yoga studio to you through their digital series eliminating the extra time and cost of trekking to a studio several times a week.

Yoga is good for the body, we all know that. But you may not realize that it has enormous benefits far beyond the physical. Yoga helps re-center the mind and balance out all our systems. Practicing yoga will not only make you strong, it will begin to transform other areas of your life. You may see positive changes in your relationships, your working life, and your overall mental sharpness to name just a few.

The program doesn’t just focus on physical exercise, one of the extra benefits are the pranayama and meditation classes which allow participants to experience the power of simply being present in the moment with their breath.

Yoga 30 for 30 also incorporates the expertise of Dori Lancaster, a nutritional educator and food psychology coach, to guide participants through a comprehensive, plant-based, whole foods meal plan. This is no ordinary diet, this is a lifestyle change.

The benefits of yoga are so far-reaching they must be experienced in order to be fully understood. Yoga 30 for 30 puts people on a path toward a new way of approaching their entire lives. It gently guides newcomers into a whole new world where they will have the opportunity to release their minds, respond to stress with ease, and transform their bodies while they do it.



Julia Tolstrup is a freelance writer situated in the northeast corner of things. When she isn't typing, she raises vegetables, a small flock of chickens, and and even smaller flock of children. She is inspired most by her mother who is one of the bravest people she's ever known.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marian Gerlich

    June 14, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Such an inspirational & effective program – I’m loving it! 30 minutes a day is truly achievable. And I’m seeing the results I wanted!

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