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We Fall, We Rise: Team Inspirer


We Fall, We Rise: Team Inspirer

Yesterday, the Inspirer team woke to the fact that our verified Facebook page had inexplicably been shut down. No warnings received. No human interaction between administrators and Facebook. Nothing. We are understandably upset, shaken, and confused about this. Inspirer is a 3+ year long journey that started and continued through one trait: the inspiration of our fellow women. We have worked tirelessly to build this magazine, for no other reason than to produce something positive — a place where our lady heroes could share their stories without also having to comment on rumors and gossip for clicks/to push copies, and beyond that – a place where emerging talent could get their names out without having to play the big machine games.

Social media presence is imperative for a business. It should be a mutualistic relationship between the platform and the business. There doesn’t seem to be anything in place to protect even verified, established businesses in good standing from disappearing overnight due to whatever severely flawed system Facebook currently has in place.

The revenue that we make from our social reach on various platforms are what keeps the site up and running and keeps the original content coming to our audience multiple times a week.

Inspirer has received the news that our magazine will be hitting the front shelves of Barnes & Noble shortly. After such an up, to be delivered such a blow is nauseating and crushing.

Our Facebook being deleted means that not only can we not get it back, but that two years of updates, marketing, networking and photographs that have been taken away from us. It means that the 2 million+ social reach we had has evaporated into thin air and that we have to start all the way back at the beginning. Work that we did solely on our own, no fancy PR budget.

Every one of the girls that works for Inspirer magazine is a passionate contributor who puts their heart and soul into their writing and their art. We speak daily across continents to come up with ideas, reach out to women we admire to let people hear their voices as well. Inspirer isn’t just a magazine, it’s a passion project for every single one of its contributors and so many others.

We are currently trying to work on figuring out what happened and reaching out to Facebook to ask. We received no explanation as to why our company Facebook was deleted, nor any warnings that it was being inspected, in advance.


Countless hours are spent building a loyal audience, and you get to a point where you can see the fruits of your labor, just to have it disappear overnight. More than that, real money is invested in these pages, and that’s money down the drain when Facebook decides to delete all traces of your business from its site without warning. It feels a lot like someone coming into your home and taking the possessions you worked hardest for – one-of-a-kind possessions that really can’t be duplicated. Can we rebuild our following? I’m sure we can. But we shouldn’t have to. Facebook has a responsibility to its users, especially those who are putting money into their site. This current process feels like it makes it incredibly easy for cyber trolls to win and hardworking, well-meaning people to lose.  – Lily Grae

Inspirer is the love and passion project of three hard working, intensely creative and wonderful women. Writing for them hasn’t only brought back my love of music, it’s given me the personal desire to better myself and dive into the love I’ve rediscovered headfirst. It’s led to opportunities I never thought I’d get and I can’t wait to see what else is on the cards. The power of women is stronger than ever and Inspirer is the perfect smack of estrogen in a testosterone world. 

How can you not love that?

When Facebook deleted the Inspirer company profile without warning or explanation, it hit the founders and the writers hard. It was unwarranted and still has a lot of us confused. We don’t know why it happened or who did it yet but does that matter? It fuckin’ sucks, to be frank. Like the Phoenix, we’ll rise out of the ashes, but that doesn’t mean it should’ve happened in the first place.

Inspirer is a force of nature. Inspirer gives a platform to the power of women. 

It also gives us a platform to BE women. –Em Burfitt

Inspirer is a magazine, it’s a movement, a creative force. It’s the representation of what you can accomplish if you put your all into something. I feel truly blessed to work with such inspiring women, writing about women who inspire me. We all support each other and encourage each other to push forward, help others and maybe even change the world (or at least our little corner of it.)  And while we try to build each other up, there are people who try to tear us down. Deleting our Facebook account was destructive and heartless. It was malicious and cruel. And for a company that is supposed to be about community, friends, support, likes- they’ve done nothing to help this group of women who simply want to inspire others. It’s crushing but it won’t be our defeat. Because in the end, good always prevails. We will prevail. And hopefully, our story will inspire change and help others.- Keldine Hull

“We hate it when our friends become successful…and if we can destroy them, you bet your life we will destroy them.”

So crooned Morrissey back in 1992. Resentment for the success of others isn’t anything new under the sun, but the advent of technology has certainly changed the game. These days, when someone proffers an opinion, shares a story, or heaven forbid achieves success as the result of hard work, there are often trolls on hand to spoil the moment. It baffles the mind, frankly. That there are people in the world who, rather than take the time to find their own calling and put in the kind of sweat equity it takes to make it a success, would rather hide behind a binary curtain and employ middle school warfare tactics is so cringingly pathetic it very nearly defies comprehension. Inspirer is the result of a shared vision by the editorial staff, three women who have worked tirelessly to make something out of nothing. It is a team of writers, artists, designers, thinkers, doers from across the country and the globe who work from our hearts to support something we believe in. Because of this, and because of the hard work of our intrepid editorial staff, Inspirer is poised to enter a new realm of possibility. We, the staff and contributors are focused on the future of this publication. While we find it unfortunate that there are those who waste their time and ours on petty nonsense, it will neither shake nor deter us. Anyone who has achieved success has done so in spite of those who would tear them down. It is par for the course. So I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to those who have done nothing more than show us we’re on the right track. – Julia Tolstrup

I am dumbfounded over the news that Facebook took down our verified page with no warning, investigation, or reason given. The women at Inspirer have put their hearts and souls into making the best magazine and cultivating a wonderful and supportive community.  Facebook needs to change their policy on this matter not only to protect Inspirer but also to protect other independent businesses like ours from malicious attacks.- Annie Govekar

Though I am brand new to the Inspirer team, I have witnessed and joined forces with a group of empowered women who have curated a magical entity in the form of blog to aid in the empowerment of all. It is heart-wrenching to observe the pain that both the curators and writers on the site are experiencing due to a sudden and unannounced deletion of the broad network that the ladies have put immense energy, time and effort into building. Rather than emphasize with our current struggle, Facebook has proven to be indifferent when it comes to getting involved. Inspirer is a site that rouses the transcendent power of unity, and to have that ripped away due to a singular individual’s perception is unacceptable. Let’s be heard and send all of our words soaring through the digital world. – Jessica Golich

Inspirer was built from the ground up by three girls with a dream of giving women a platform to celebrate their accomplishments. It’s a beautiful magazine that has truly made a difference in my life, as well as many others. Everyone has been so welcoming really making Inspirer feel like a family. It’s so rare to find a group as passionate about what they do as the group of girls at Inspirer are. I feel grateful that I’ve been given the chance to work with and learn from this amazing collection of women.I find it both heartbreaking and appalling that Facebook would delete the Inspirer page based on false malicious content reports. Facebook needs to create a better system that properly investigates these claims, being absolutely sure that what they are deleting actually contains probable content. Two years of hard work and artistry were ripped away without any warning, leaving Inspirer lacking its biggest audience. I sincerely hope Facebook will take to heart these messages so that this never happens to another innocent group again.- Nicole Ryan

The opportunity to work for these girls fell into my lap a few months ago and it has been a dream since. This magazine gives women a platform to express their passions as well as inspiring others to do the same. It’s a home for all of us. It’s a shame that a handful of vindictive women would go as far as to report the page. However, it’s appalling that Facebook would erase all of our hard work without checking into the matter first. Nothing is more heartbreaking than having had watched these girls build something so positive and beautiful on their own only to have the rug ripped out from under them overnight. I truly hope this message gets the attention of Facebook so that this doesn’t happen again. – Jessika McLaughlin

Even as a new member to the Inspirer team, I have already seen how hardworking, passionate, and talented the women I work with are. To see some vindictive, jealous person try to take them down is honestly insulting to the incredible effort they’ve put into curating a respectable brand. What’s even more insulting, though, is the absolute lack of grace Facebook has had with helping us rebound from this issue. The accountability for punishing the people who sabotaged our page is Facebook’s alone, and the fact that they somehow decided to take our page down and then not even tell us why is reason enough for us to want some sort of justice. If there’s anything I have learned from this awful episode, though, it’s that Inspirer can and will come back stronger than before. Bullies be damned; we’re not going down without a fight.- Liz Halsey




Ashley is a social media community manager and artist, living in Los Angeles, CA. With a degree in Mass Media Communications, Ashley likes to use videos, photos, and essays to connect people with what’s happening in the world.

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