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The ‘2 Dope Queens’ Podcast Highlights You Absolutely Shouldn’t Miss Out On


The ‘2 Dope Queens’ Podcast Highlights You Absolutely Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson will give you serious BFF FOMO. They are the hosts of ‘2 Dope Queens,’ a live comedy show turned podcast where they discuss all things intersectional and pop culture. Their guests are on point, with the perfect amount of topical relevance. They have unique perspectives on New York, race, and being women in the industry (along with a ton of other stuff that you’ll need to listen to in order to get in on.)  The humor is informative, but also gives you the big belly laughs we all need. Much of the podcast world is filled with repetitive white guys, so this is a refreshing departure from that. This podcast is highly addictive, with a ton of episodes. If you’re looking to start with the highlights, here are our favorites, in order of most recent. 

Bonus Episode: Vagina Dentata

Hilarious actress and comedian Michaela Watkins, who co-stars in Casual on Hulu, joins the ladies for this episode. They discuss every man’s greatest fear, toothed vaginas. But show us how they can be an asset to society. Ilana Glazer also stops by to discuss Gilian Jacob’s bizarre quirks with Phoebe.

#34 Sleepover Accidents

What girl doesn’t love a slumber party? Jessica and Phoebe share their nightmare slumber party experiences, and Connie Briton stops by to talk about haunted houses and more. Resident cool girl  Gina Yashere from the Daily Show also shows up. Why do we feel like these ladies have the most impressive girl posse ever?

#27 Carrie Brownstein’s First Date

Everybody’s role model Carrie Brownstein talks about her first date and how it turned her into a lesbian. This episode also features the hosts of WNNYC Studios’ podcast ‘Nancy” which is described as “This American Life, but gayer.” 

Bonus Episode: The Two Dope Queens Go Marching

An episode including the Women’s March was much needed – this one was recorded the day after over a million women marched for their rights in Washington. This episode will leave you feeling strong and rejuvenated, especially with empowering guests like Michelle Buteau and Jena Friedman, abortion joke connoisseur.

#22 Trying To Work Through The Feels

This was a ray of sunshine on a very dark day. But don’t worry, Jessica and Phoebe packed in even more jokes than usual. We get to hear some poetry by Insecure writer Langston Kerman as well, lifting that dark cloud a bit more.

#1 Dad Bod

This is the first episode, and arguably the best in the 2 Dope Queens podcast library. Philosophy in a strip club and prejudiced taxi drivers are just the beginning here. And a spotlight on the dad bod, which everyone can appreciate.



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