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R&B Goddess Joyce Wrice Needs To Be On Your Radar Right Now


R&B Goddess Joyce Wrice Needs To Be On Your Radar Right Now

This R&B songbird has an awesome swag that’s drawing comparisons to Jehne Aiko. Wrice may have a similar mixed appearance, but her sound is much less autotuned and commercial. She gets her zen energy thanks to her Buddhist faith, which she learned from her Japanese mother. Her music taste, however, was learned from her African-American father, who apparently jammed Tamia so frequently in his car that Wrice became obsessed with her. She also learned from the likes of Aaliyah, Brandy, and Monica, and it shows in all her tracks. They take us back to the ‘90s.  A lilting, fluid voice doesn’t need the help of autotune, Wrice feels like an authentic breath of fresh air, unmanufactured, raw, with the natural hair to match. Her production includes a range of instruments – nothing feels repetitive, and Wrice’s tracks are unexpected proof that soulful music still exists.

Her most recent hit “Good Morning,” features a sauntering saxophone that feels funky and nostalgic, but young and fresh as well. Other tracks include a more synthy vibe like ’90s house and equally as groovy. Like “Ain’t No Need,” with smooth and sexy harmonies,  it’s just waiting to be paired with some chair choreography and hair flips. All of her tracks feel equally appropriate for a moody, purple-lit lounge as they do for a casual wake-up playlist. Her voice is honest and vulnerable, and she’s the first to say, “I’ve really learned to just be the music, be in it, and be vulnerable in it”. It shows. She doesn’t have an extravagant, show-offy voice that belts like Mariah, but instead, is more genuine, and that’s where her sweet vulnerability lies. We are treated to both sad songs of heartbreak and soft admissions of love – we feel both her pain and positivity, with a sense of blissful balance.



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