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Rock Group Veseria Releases ‘RLTVTY’


Rock Group Veseria Releases ‘RLTVTY’

Indianapolis based rock group Veseria has released a new album entitled RLTVTY. Although simply calling them a rock group isn’t enough to highlight the folk, punk, and blues weaving in and out of their music. The four piece band is one-half married couple and songwriting team Jen and Patrick Roberts with rhythms by Kyle Perkon and Corey Lusk.

Jen leads the vocals on half the tracks with a solid depth and a confident carry. “Zenobia” offers the push of vocal limits in only the way rock can. “And Also” is more melodic in nature, while “Feed a Fever, (Starve a Cold)” allows classic folk to lay a supportive ground for the more uptempo moments. Overall their sound is attractive both in the moment and keeping the listener curious about what happens next.

The 13 track album RLTVTY actually started out as a work of 23 songs, many of which were scrapped while others were reworked. After spending a large amount of time and creative effort on the album, they felt it would be appropriate to offer custom vinyl records in addition to digital downloads since those more specifically reflect their artistic intentions with the work.

The group released a statement about the intention behind the album.

“We are extremely proud of this effort. Over the last year and a half, we curated a group of songs that we feel are timely explorations of the human condition in a new era of the world we find ourselves living in. It is our belief that the most solemn mission of any songwriter, musician or poet is to champion the common experiences that bring us together rather than those that tear us apart.”

In doing so they touch on themes of “love, hope, anger, fear, sorrow and overwhelming joy” in the scope of one album. Sometimes blending a few of those into an individual song. RLTVTY is the third studio album from Veseria and its release will be celebrated by a tour put on by SparkJoy Music. The band has plans to stop in Appleton, Wisconsin, Goshen, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana, before heading to the U.K. in October.




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