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Amanda Palmer Releases Hurricane Harvey Benefit Track ‘Drowning in the Sound’

Drowning in the Sound
Kyle Cassidy


Amanda Palmer Releases Hurricane Harvey Benefit Track ‘Drowning in the Sound’

As stated on her Patreon last week, Amanda Palmer has written “a brand new fuckin’ new song”, ‘Drowning in the Sound’.

‘Drowning in the Sound’ is “a response to the insanity of internet politics melded with the recent total eclipse and the devastation of Hurricane Harvey…and y’know…other stuff.”

Amanda proposed a collaborative challenge to kick her out of menial tasks that steal time from creativity. You know the ones. She invited her Patrons to share their fears and their feelings, and they did. Amanda then locked herself away in a studio for three days, coming out of it with an isolated piano-and-vocal track. Which, she’s right, is really fuckin’ good.

That’s how ‘Drowning in the Sound’ was born.

‘Drowning in the Sound’ is inspired by humanity, tragedy, and all the other experiences that make being people, people.

In the track, Amanda channels Elliott Smith, Ani DiFranco, and Regina Spektor. (With a little Kate Bush thrown in for good measure. I mean, that’s a good mix, if you ask me).

All proceeds from the downloading of ‘Drowning in the Sound’ from now until September 30th goes to the Texas Diaper Bank, benefitting families and individuals in need in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Listen to it here, help if you can, and spread the word as far as the ear can hear.



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Her motto — a snippet from Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man — is, “hope springs eternal.”

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