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‘The Cher Show’ Makes Its Broadway Debut Fall 2018

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‘The Cher Show’ Makes Its Broadway Debut Fall 2018

Cher has had a fascinating life and career. Now it has been transformed into a musical, headed to Broadway next fall. In the show, dubbed The Cher Show,  three actresses are slated to play Cher at various points of her life. As many fans know, a Broadway show telling the story of her life is an idea Cher has been talking about for a long time. Cher said in a statement, “We have been discussing this musical for 10 years. It’s exciting and scary.”

Never conforming to the rules, Cher is always pushing the boundaries. For six unforgettable decades, Cher has been taking risks, and paved the way for each artist who has come after her. She has left her individual mark in every facet of the entertainment world, and Broadway will be no different. The Cher Show is taking an unusual approach for a Broadway production. The musical will be structured like a variety show, this being a nod to The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. For Cher and her fans, it’s much like a full circle moment; like coming home. Cher has been very involved and hands-on with the process of creating the musical, including reading scripts and coming to workshops.

Another unusual aspect of the show is that it is entirely psychological. Rick Elice, who is writing the show’s book has said,”It takes place in her psychological closet, and in that closet is everything she’s ever been in her life — everything she has ever played, every song she’s sung, everyone she’s been married to, every pair of shoes she’s worn, every success and every failure.”

As far as music goes, the show is jam-packed full of Cher’s classic hits. Rumors are all or part of 35 to 40 of Cher’s best-known songs will be featured.

Although no cast listing has been released yet, it’s been confirmed that in addition to the three actresses playing Cher, there will be actors portraying Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman (her former husbands) and Bob Mackie (her longtime costume designer).

Producer Flody Suarez stated, “The show is very funny, emotional, and really tells you how Cher managed to keep knocking down doors that were closed against her — she forced people to see her. She’s had a big roller coaster of a life, and it’s all played out in the media, but this show lets the audience underneath all of that, to see what they didn’t see in the tabloids.”

For herself and her fans, the musical will definitely be an incredibly emotional retrospective on the artistry and general badass-ness of Cher.

The Cher Show will start in Chicago at the Oriental Theater with a five-week run starting June 12. It will then move to the Neil Simon Theater on Broadway, opening next fall.



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