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iNSPIRED BY PJ Harvey: The Inspirer Playlist

PJ Harvey


iNSPIRED BY PJ Harvey: The Inspirer Playlist

Happy Birthday, PJ Harvey!

I was sort of late to the PJ Harvey train. They say your music taste is influenced the most by your late teens. I figure the early 20’s can be thrown in there as well when PJ Harvey is involved.

See, I used to play jokey, acoustic covers of pop songs I didn’t actually listen to. My drummer and friend mentioned PJ Harvey to me, saying my voice reminded me of hers and I was so enlivened by it that I ended up immersing myself fully into the PJ Harvey world.

What I realized once I was in it was that I’d heard a lot of her songs before. Without knowing, I’d heard Hardly Wait in a film called Strange Days starring Juliette Lewis and Angela Bassett. Juliette played a rockstar — which she totally is — and sang it. (That was during my Juliette Lewis phase).

Another time, another movie: Playing By Heart (…in my Angelina Jolie phase). Angelene plays in the background of a pivotal scene. PJ Harvey has just always been there without my even realizing it, and last year — a year ago, the day before Halloween — I got to see her play live in Brixton. My then-pregnant friend and I were the only two that were dressed up. (I know, I don’t understand it either). She was phenomenal, playing When Under Ether, which is one of my all-time faves.

So here’s my PJ Harvey playlist, directly from my (black) heart(ed love) to yours. Feel free to let us know your favorite Polly Jean tracks and moments on Twitter!

Listen here:

PS. My personal favourite PJ moment was when Andrew Marr sat her beside our ex-PM whose twattishness knew no bounds and PJ, as ever, remained cool and disinterested in his bullshit. Le sigh.



A proudly queer, freelance music journalist, Em splits her time between Durham and London. When she's not at a gig, mouth-agape, she'll be camped outside of a Parisian bistro taking photographs of strangers. The little pleasures in life are the most meaningful to her: Her dog, family-and-extended, and Milkybar buttons. Her motto -- a snippet from Alexander Pope's Essay on Man -- is, "hope springs eternal."

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