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Stevie Nicks: “Never Ever Give Up Your Dreams”

Credit: Annie Marie Govekar


Stevie Nicks: “Never Ever Give Up Your Dreams”


Photos by Annie Govekar for Inspirer

Vanessa Carlton
Vanessa Carlton opens for Stevie Nicks and plays favorites such as “A Thousand Miles,” “Carousel,” and songs from her latest album Liberman.

24 Karat Gold
Stevie Nicks shares stories, songs, and wisdom with the enthusiastic crowd in Youngstown on Friday night. She performed favorites such as “Stand Back,” “Bella Donna,” and “Landslide” along with a few rare gems from her “gothic trunk of forgotten songs.”

A Testament
After singing “Crying in the Night,” a song from the 1973 Buckingham Nicks album, Nicks confesses that she was afraid to include the song on a tour.
“This is a real testament to keeping your eyes open for your dreams and not giving up… I can only say that I just want you to remember if you don’t go to the dark side and you keep your dreams alive then look, it may take 44 years but it’s going to happen!”

Don’t Give Up!
Throughout the set, Nicks made it a point to share the importance of believing in yourself and following your dreams. “Girls keep that in mind when you have your dream, don’t give up. Just keep going cause you can do it if you want to. If you’re determined it will happen for you. I’m living proof.”

New Orleans
Nicks explains that “New Orleans” was written for Hurricane Katrina. “I can’t write another hurricane song, so this song is going to have to stand for all hurricanes right now. We have to remember to try and do something to help all of these people. Do what you can. It’s important.”

Wild Heart
“And most important, if it had not been for the success of Wild Heart, everybody would’ve thought that Stevie Nicks’ solo career was a fluke…If it wasn’t for that I would not be standing here tonight. I would be off waiting for Fleetwood Mac to go on tour.”


“Those are the tragic heartbreaks that actually bring out songs like this. When something like this happens my advice to you is to write about it… You can’t write songs like this if you’re not broken-hearted.”


Gold Dust
After Nicks rocks the crowd with “Gold Dust Women,” she thanks the audience for being there and listening to her stories.“You are like my captive friends in my living room.”

You Are Enough
Nicks offers more advice to all of the dreamers.”Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not cute enough, handsome enough, beautiful enough, talented enough, smart enough. Always know that you are all of that and that you’re really marvelous. Go on that and never ever give up your dreams…because they’re yours. Don’t let anybody take them away.”

What the World Needs
“I want you once more to understand that you guys are what makes this happen. I think you know that the world needs music really badly now.”

Crank It Up
“Turn on your radio and put on music you love. From a long time ago, or from now, or today’s hits. Whatever you want to listen to if that’s what makes you feel better. If you have to crank it up every morning at 6:30 when you get up to go to work, DO IT.”

The Fans
Nicks shares her appreciation for all of the support from the fans. “Thank you so much, we need more people like you in this world.”

This Little Song
Nicks tells the story of “Landslide.” “I sat down on the floor and wrote this little song. This little song that kind of took us all to the top.”

Book Of My Life
“It means the world to me. You have no idea. It’s like I suddenly feel free. I feel like after all these years to be able and go out and do what I absolutely really love to do, which is just to sing all my songs to people and tell you why they were written. Because it’s like the book of my life.”





Annie is a photographer and artist currently residing outside of Philadelphia. She has a degree in media design from the MTSU School of Journalism and got her start doing graphic and merchandise design for the NYC theatre community. She spends most of her free time traveling to theatre, concerts, or creating art. She has an unquenchable thirst to explore all things abandoned and old. Annie also answers to the name of Yoda (a favorite nickname amongst family and friends)

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