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Watch Kim and Kelley Deal Play Hedwig’s ‘Wicked Little Town’


Watch Kim and Kelley Deal Play Hedwig’s ‘Wicked Little Town’

The Breeders’ Kim and Kelley Deal perform Wicked Little Town from John Cameron Mitchell’s musical, ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’. This low-key performance really shows off their synchronicity, making you wonder if it’s practice, their connection or both.

Kim Deal found “notoriety” as the bassist for the Pixies. In 1988, after a tour of Europe, Kim found herself writing new material. With nowhere for it to go, she and Throwing Muses guitarist, Tanya Donnelly decided to make a band themselves. The Breeders — a name recycled from Kim and Kelley Deal’s teenage folk band — were born. Kelley would be brought in after the Pixies’ demise, and, with Last Splash, their start began to soar.

Trivia: Kurt Cobain once remarked in Melody Maker that he wished Kim was allowed to write more songs for The Pixies.

What can we say besides, “same?”



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