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Astrid S: Finding Her Way and Lighting the Way


Astrid S: Finding Her Way and Lighting the Way

They say it’s never too late to follow your heart and chase your dreams, and we guess the reverse is also true – it’s never too early. Case in point is 20-year-old singing sensation Astrid S, who has made quite a splash in her native Norway and around the world with her debut EP Party’s Over. The release recently hit a whopping 55 million streams worldwide, and over half a billion streams on Spotify.

Although she’s been dubbed “music’s next pop princess,“ this rising star, who started playing the piano at the age of six, has a powerful and poignant message for her generation of peers. Her silky voice coupled with pulsating tracks makes her music irresistible, but Astrid S says she also wants her listeners to come away with a message. She shared that her musical mission is to give people a sense, “That they are not alone. That they feel understood.” In addition to doing her part to help someone out there turn a bad day into a “not so bad day,” Astrid S also wants her fans to know that she’s just like them – chasing a dream, working hard to make it come true, trying to stay in the moment and enjoy life, and striving to be strong, even in the face of fear. When asked what it’s like to perform in front of crowds of people, Astrid S shared candidly, “Sometimes I get very nervous, and I’ll just have so many thoughts in my head. Sometimes I don’t get nervous, and I’m able to just relax and have fun with it. But it’s always an adrenaline rush, and after every show, you feel like you can do anything in the world.”

Astrid S knows what it’s like to feel like you’re on top of the world, but she also understands that the world is not always a fair and unbiased place, and she has some thoughts on how it can be better. “I think everyone, whether you are a man or a woman, should have equal possibilities to run the world, or simply get a leadership position in that company they dream of without being limited because of their gender. But I have to admit that I think the world would be better with a little less testosterone in the leading positions of companies, businesses, and politics.”

Her thoughts on gender equality and equal rights make her an activist and thought leader, but her awareness doesn’t end there. Astrid S also believes that the dominance of social media has in some ways made it challenging for young people to stay grounded and focused. She advocates for a healthy perspective on social media and believes that hard work and kindness are still powerful keys to success.  “All we see these days are successful people our age on Instagram or on social media. It’s not normal to be in the position I’m in, or to be a 21-year old millionaire vlogger on YouTube,” shared Astrid S, adding, “I would advise everyone to keep their distance from everything you see on the internet. We’re still young, and you have time to explore and figure it out at your own pace. Small steps — work hard and be nice to people.”

Astrid S is living a life right now that some would call a fairytale or dream come true, but even this pop princess knows that the best-lived life is a balanced one. To be able to maintain that, at times, elusive work-life balance – even in this time when the world seems to constantly compel you to go, go, go – is very important and the key to long-term success and happiness. She shared, “I have a great team around me, so I’ll just let them know if I need some time off. Time off to spend with friends and family gives me energy and keeps me going!”  

Astrid S is shining bright, being an example to her peers, and doing what she loves, and her next big goal on the heels of her successful EP and tour is to create a full-length album that is nothing short of great. We closed out our interview by broaching a topic that so many young people are dealing with for the first time, and about which many songs have been written and sung – LOVE. On the subject, Astrid shared that her experience in that area to date has been pretty limited, and she’s quite OK with that.I feel like I’m so young and still have so much to learn. I’ve only experienced puppy love, and I still haven’t had that big heartbreak. Knock on wood!”

For more on Astrid S, her new single “Think Before I Talk” and her Party’s Over World Tour go to astridsofficial.com.



Samantha Hunter aka Sapodillic is a multimedia journalist whose experience covering music, lifestyle and entertainment spans over 15 years. Samantha's work has appeared in Inner City Magazine, Essence.com, Hype Hair/Today's Black Woman, Ms. Magazine, RnBmagazine.com, RollingOutTV.com and VH1.com, featuring interviews with the late Gerald LeVert, Chaka Khan, Jeffrey Osborne, Jill Scott, Ledisi, Faith Evans, Donell Jones, Nile Rodgers, Brian McKnight, Tyrese, Chrisette Michele, Tamar Braxton, Mack Wilds, MC Lyte, Brian McKnight, Eve, Erica Campbell, Kelly Rowland and many more.

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