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Ayesha Curry Joins Diverse Roster of CoverGirl Ambassadors, Along With Issa Rae


Ayesha Curry Joins Diverse Roster of CoverGirl Ambassadors, Along With Issa Rae

Cooking personality and best-selling author Ayesha Curry officially has a new gig under her belt! She’s one of the newest faces of CoverGirl, along with Insecure creator and star Issa Rae, showing that glamorous can come in a variety of packages.

CoverGirl has always been racially positive and body positive. By including gorgeous celebs like Queen Latifah, Janelle Monáe, and Zendaya, the brand has brought awareness to the fact that that makeup needs differ for a variety of skin tones. Now we get to have our favorite Food Network star as our favorite makeup brand ambassador. Curry shows us that we really can do it all. The CoverGirl/Ayesha collaboration was announced with the newest CoverGirl product Peacock Flare Mascara. It’s perfect for her “on-camera projects as a chef.”

On Curry’s Instagram, she said she’s so glad to be “a part of a brand that empowers women to embrace their originality,” and even shared her own first makeup memory which was made even more memorable by CoverGirl. It was a pink, glitter lipstick that her mom let her pick out in the makeup aisle, and how applying it made her “feel so good” about herself. She shows how makeup has the power to strengthen women and build their confidence in a timeless way,  handed down from generation to generation. From mom, to Ayesha, to little Riley – it’s not just about dolling yourself up – it’s about learning about the nuances of womanhood and confidence from other women who have trekked the rugged terrain themselves.

More importantly, it’s giving an even playing ground for women of color in the makeup world. Women all over the world buy makeup, but it’s often marketed in a niche, Caucasian way that lacks diversity and luster. CoverGirl gives a voice to those women, and brands like Glossier have taken notice, leading to a much-needed revolution in the makeup world. Curry shows how she finds joy and happiness through food in her life, and now taking on this new chapter, exploring happiness and the idea of self-confidence via makeup.

Curry is broadening the CoverGirl ambassador pool from mostly entertainers to entrepreneurs. We’re glad she’s branching out and finding a place in the spotlight because she deserves one. She’s not just “Steph Curry’s Wife” but an impressive human in her own right, and we’re sure a lot of close-minded people have opinions on her straying from the domestic goddess/WAG role. As she told Refinery 29, “I don’t think it’s fair that because my husband plays basketball, people put me in a bubble and are almost offended that I’m doing my own thing.” Preach! 



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