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Carly Pearce’s ‘Every Little Thing’ Helping Shift Country Music


Carly Pearce’s ‘Every Little Thing’ Helping Shift Country Music

Carly Pearce is one of the few women leading the comeback of female chart-toppers in country music. Her heart-wrenching debut single “Every Little Thing” has brought feelings back to a genre swimming in party songs. Pearce is actually one of only four female country artists to break into the Top 10 so far this year, and she and Maren Morris are currently the only women on county’s Billboard Top 20.

We’ve been having a conversation with a few women in country music about this trend of “bro country,” including our Fall 2017 cover artist Sara Evans, and country singer/songwriter Chely Wright. Both women see a light at the end of the tunnel and a future of more chart-topping female artists. With all the hard work Pearce is putting into her music, she just may be the artist to turn things around. Pearce released her debut album, Every Little Thing, at the number three spot. We spoke to her about growing up loving music, her Dollywood gig as a teen, and the song that’s changing it all.

Do you remember music being a big part of your life growing up?

I never knew a day where I didn’t want to sing country music. I’ve just always been a huge lover of music and come from a family that loves music. My grandparents loved country music and my parents really loved southern rock.

Who were some artists you looked up to?

I really loved Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Reba, and Allison Krauss. The ladies of country.

You got your start as a Dollywood singer at an early age. How did you land that gig?

I saw they were holding auditions for singers at Dollywood, so I asked my parents if I could quit school and start homeschooling, and they were just crazy enough to let me do it. They’ve always been very supportive.

When did songwriting become part of your craft?

I think I’ve always written things, poetry, stories, things like that. I didn’t start co-writing until I moved to Nashville. That’s when I understood what it took to write a song.

What inspires the songs you write?

Whatever I’m going through. A lot of love and heartbreak. Just figuring out what’s going on in life in my twenties.

Your debut single “Every Little Thing” really speaks volumes to the experience of love and losing it. It’s a very raw and real track.

It’s a very real song. I wanted to write what was going on with me, and it’s been amazing to see how it has affected other people.

Country has been seeing a lot of male artists in the top spots, you are one of the few women this year who has been able to make the Top 10.

Yeah, I am one of four women through all of 2017 that has cracked the top 10 on country radio. It’s myself, Maren, Kelsea Ballerini, and Carrie Underwood. Of course we need more female artist, but I feel like the women that are bringing authenticity are making it work. There doesn’t need to be this stigma, there just needs to be that connection.

You also host a radio show for Big Machine, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Every Friday from 2-3pm I host a radio show where I get to play songs I love, or artists I’m excited about from Big Machine. I also take that time to share my stories and influences, it’s fun to be able to take over for an hour.

How did you become interested in dabbling in that medium?

I just asked Big Machine if there was anything else I could get involved in, and they were very kind in letting me take this on. I look at it as another way of being an artist.

Your start touring soon with Brett Young, what are you most looking forward to out on the road?

I look forward to getting my music out there and see it all come to life. Finally being able to let a lifelong dream come true, and have people hear my stories. I hope to hear people singing songs back to me, and watch my fan base grow. 

Carly Pearce Every Little Thing

Carly Pearce’s debut album is available now online and everywhere music is sold. Order now at carlypearce.com



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