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Fleetmac Wood Bring the Mac to the Club Scene

Photo by Ben Cope/bencope.net


Fleetmac Wood Bring the Mac to the Club Scene

Have you ever thought to yourself, “The only thing I’m missing in life is a Fleetwood Mac-themed rave?” Well, wife and husband DJ-ing duo Fleetmac Wood is here to make that a reality. Since 2012 Fleetmac Wood has traveled the world hosting parties from Los Angeles to Dublin, bringing the greatness of Fleetwood Mac to fans in a new way. This isn’t a tribute band, all songs played are created and collected remixes of classic tracks. From the Peter Green days to the Rumours era, Stevie Nicks’ solo work to as recent as Buckingham McVie – each party takes you on a magical musical journey. What started out as a six-hour set in a bar’s basement has turned into one of the biggest and best DJ experiences. Lisa Jelliffe and Alex Oxley (also known as Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing) have found a niche in an underground community of Fleetwood Mac fans and created a place where they can let loose and feel the music in a new way.

We spoke to Lisa and Alex just before their big Sisters of the Moon Halloween Disco in Los Angeles about their love of Fleetwood Mac, creating this unique rave-style party, and what the future holds for the duo.

Photo by Mark Brown/markbrownfilms.com

How did you get involved with DJ-ing?

We both have been DJ-ing for a long time. Me, 15 years, and Alex, about 20. When we got married, we started DJ-ing together, which is a lot more fun. We are very lucky to share a passion and have fun together doing it. We come from the world of clubbing– disco and house music. Alex is more into the alternative electronic music. We both started out DJ-ing in clubs in London. 

The idea of a “Fleetwood Mac rave” is very unique; it’s not the type of music that comes to mind when you hear the word rave. But it works. How did the idea come to you?

For a long time, I had the idea of doing a night of all Fleetwood Mac, I think I thought about it for like four years. I just wanted it to be special, and I wanted it to be at the right venue. In my mind, I had this romantic notion of a sailing ship. Very ‘70s and decadent. But of course, that wasn’t going to happen. Especially in London. I always would play Fleetwood Mac in my sets, and the reaction was always positive. People would run up saying, “Oh my god, I love Fleetwood Mac!” It was like I had unlocked the door to a secret society. Five or six years ago, it was more like your parent’s music, but now it’s everywhere. It’s become everyone’s music, there are so many young fans now. People are just not used to hearing Fleetwood Mac in a club context.

I went and saw Fleetwood Mac back in 2009 in London. I was blown away by how amazing they were, though. The turning point, for me, was seeing them live. That’s when I really dug into their catalog.

What about Fleetwood Mac’s music works in a club setting?

With their rhythm section, the music is perfect to dance to. I think people are used to hearing it through their headphones, but when you take it into a nightclub and throw it on a big sound system it’s so different. Their songs, especially in “Dreams,” they loop the drum which is very similar to modern dance music production.

Where you surprised by the way people took to your events?

I think people were a little suspicious and nervous when they first would come to an event, but the energy was really electric and they wanted more. Something amazing happens when you bring together the fans. They have such a connection with these songs and they are now in a space with like-minded people. 

You describe a Fleetmac Wood event as a journey. What type of journey should people expect to go on?

We don’t like to call it a tribute night because it’s not about putting on the greatest hits. We like to dig deeper. We like to start the night with the Peter Green era, and go into songs from solo projects. You want to make the night varied, we like to make them work for it on the dance floor. Because we are playing for four or five hours, people are going to want to take breaks from the dance floor. So after a few high tempo dancey songs, we’ll play something more dreamy.  Just to keep the energy flowing in the room. Like any story, you’ll have slow bits. And everyone has their favorite era of Fleetwood Mac. Some people go crazy for the really old stuff, pre-Stevie and Lindsey, then we have the people that lose it for Stevie. Different elements touch different people. The music is nostalgic, but still very much part of young people’s lives. Our events are creating new memories for fans. 

This Halloween weekend you guys are throwing the “Sisters of the Moon Halloween Disco” in Los Angeles, very fitting. What are you looking forward to from the event?

I read that Halloween is Stevie’s favorite holiday. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s certainly ours. There’s this awesome aesthetic that comes with the band, especially Stevie Nicks. There’s an ethereal feel that people really embrace at our parties. There are lots of fabulous men and women that dress up in capes, and take on a certain “Stevie-ness.” And Halloween is a great opportunity to go into that a little deeper. We have visuals as well to help immerse people in that romantic scene. “Sisters of the Moon” came to mind when thinking about this party, especially with the recent eclipse. It’s a great dance track too, not one of the obvious Fleetwood Mac songs. It’s a positive and feminine feel. We like to pick a theme for each event, and we felt this was the perfect fit for Halloween.

What does the future hold for Fleetmac Wood?

We will be working on more edits and remixes, creating more music for the nights. We want to expand the visuals and the whole production. We also want to dive deeper into their catalog. The nights are really fun for us. There’s a lot of traveling planned, we’re excited to take this to new places. The energy gets so wild sometimes. We are just excited to share this with more people.

Fleetmac Wood have a bunch of tour dates coming up and are preparing for an Australian run, to keep up to with them and their gigs follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tour Dates:

Oct 27th: Union, Los Angeles

Oct 31st: Red Room, Vancouver

Nov 4th: Holocene, Portland

Nov 17th: Public Works, San Francisco

Nov 23rd: World Headquarters, Newcastle

Nov 24th: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Nov 25th: Albert Hall, Manchester

Nov 30th: Sugar, Dublin

Dec 1st: Roisin Dubh, Galway

Dec 2nd: Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

Dec 7th: Headrow Hill, Leeds

Dec 9th: Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

Dec 14th: Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix

Dec 15th: 191 Toole, Tucson

Dec 16th: The Lowbrow Palace, El Paso



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