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Shameless Beauty: Ruby Modine


Shameless Beauty: Ruby Modine

Ruby Modine is making Lotus Noodles when we catch up. As a child, Modine dreamed of being a chef but there was a catch.

“I realized that even when I was cooking in our kitchen I was imagining cameras around me.”

It didn’t take much of a leap for her to realize that she would follow in the footsteps of her father, actor Matthew Modine.

Growing up on set with her father, Modine was immersed in a world of artists who inspired her to pursue her own craft. Today, she is an actor in her own right and making great strides in both film and television.

Many know Modine from her role as Sierra on the hit show Shameless where she will return for another season as Lip’s latest (albeit complicated) love interest.

In the meantime, Modine has been busy in the horror movie industry. Her latest film, Happy Death Day released on Friday, October 13. The movie is a satisfying twirl, think Groundhog Day meets Scream. Modine’s character, Lori, is a straight-laced foil to the central character who is forced to relive her own murder over and over until she solves the mystery and catches the killer.

“Lori just wants what’s best for everybody.”

Happy Death Day isn’t Modine’s first turn in horror. June 2017 saw the release of Central Park a thriller set in, you guessed it, Central Park.

With such vastly different roles, Modine has been called on to flex her versatility from the start.

“For each role, you have to do things differently. I have ways I prepare for things, and for each role, I splash different colors.”

Off set, Modine taps into another talent. In 2013 Modine’s father challenged her to decide whether or not she wanted to pursue another passion: music. Together with the rest of the family, they shot and recorded a music video. Modine’s mother did the hair and makeup, her brother helped out, and the experience was a turning point for Modine, albeit an intimidating one.

“I hope you know I was shaking in my boots the whole time,” she says.

Modine rose to the challenge and produced an honest, bluesy rendition of Plastic Jesus, a song made famous by Paul Newman in the film Cool Hand Luke.

Despite a firm foothold in the acting world, music is a passion Modine cannot deny.

“I don’t make music to get on the radio. I make music because I love it. It’s something I feel passionate about.”

A prolific songwriter, Modine has been steadily building a catalog of songs.

“Once I have something that stands on its own I will present it to the public.”

There is little doubt that when the music stands on its own, the public will be grateful to receive it.

Ruby Modine is so much more than the daughter of an actor. She is an artist in her own right. A performer, a musician, and poised to make some serious waves across the entertainment stratosphere.





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