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Social Media Star Alli Fitz Drops Music Video for Second Single “Disease” and Everyone is Freaking Out

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Social Media Star Alli Fitz Drops Music Video for Second Single “Disease” and Everyone is Freaking Out

If you know Alli Fitz from her Vine account, which racked up an astonishing 5 million followers in 2014, you’re most familiar with her slapstick comedy on everything from “Wheel of Misfortune” to “Little Red Ridin’ Through the Hood.” Since then, Fitz has continued her success through other popular social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. And she now works with brands like Apple, FOX, Warner Brothers, Lifetime and MTV.

The social media star recently dropped the music video for her second single “Disease,” and it could quite possibly break the internet. With the vocal chops and dance moves to match, Fitz is very well on her way to fall in line with a class of great, young performers who emerged just this year. And what’s even more impressive is that Fitz stays true to her fun, quirky personality that got millions to fall in love with her in the first place. Fitz shares her message of female empowerment in a day and age where more and more women are finding their voice and speaking up.

Fitz took some time out of her busy schedule to talk about how she handles the trolls, who her favorite artists are, and the inspiration behind “Disease.”

You have a lot of followers across your social media platforms. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. What keeps people watching?

I think mostly because they can relate to me. I have so many vines and videos of me just talking about what you do when you’re hungry, like everyone gets cranky! So I just put out all that relatable-ness, just throw it out there for everyone to be like, “Oh yeah, same!”

Did you think you would become this successful at building such a massive fan base?

I can’t believe that it happened! I am really thankful for everything.

Before anyone realized how serious you were about music, people first knew you for your comedy. How much of what you post is just your everyday personality?

Most of it is true. That’s literally the comedy in my life. I’m always laughing, and I’m always with friends who like to laugh.

With all the experience you have, I’m sure you could teach a course on how to own your social media platforms. What’s your best advice for anyone trying to build their presence?

My best advice is to just keep posting and connecting with the people around the world. Make sure you’re there all the time so people feel like they have someone to talk to. That’s the most important thing.

What’s the downside to being so visible on social media?

The comments sometimes, especially when you’re posting something so vulnerable like singing or dancing or something you really love, and having people just saying mean things out of spite. That’s kind of one of the downsides.

I’m sure you’ve had to develop a thick skin and not take those comments personally. How do you handle the negativity?

For the most part, I ignore the comments cause it’s not even worth my time, and I just focus on the positive ones. Sometimes I do respond if I have a funny response that just like it gets them but is still funny enough for people to be like, “Oh! She got you!” But usually, I don’t respond.

You just released your second single “Disease.” What was the inspiration for this song?

My inspiration behind the song is a relationship that I had like two summers ago. It was one of those things where you’re like basically in a relationship, but there’s no label. It was just like toxic and took over my life. And it was just something that wasn’t good for me, like a disease would be.

What made you want to release this song in particular?

I picked this one mostly because, like I said before, it relates to other people, and I just wanted to feel like we can talk but through music. So I picked the one that most people would be like, “Oh yeah, that’s the same thing I’m going through right now.”

Was pursuing a career in music always your end game?

Yes! Yes, it was. I have always been singing since I was like 8 years old. I used to sing every song in my basement with my sister. Singing has always been the end goal.

Was it scary sharing this other more vulnerable side of you with your followers?

Yes! I was actually really scared to post my first real singing video like on Vine because those people can be mean! And so I’m like, “I don’t want them to tell me I can’t sing!” But I posted it, and I was really glad that I did.

We’re glad you did too! You have such a great voice. How has the feedback been so far?

It’s been really good actually! People gave it 5 stars on iTunes. It’s just so cool to have people singing the lyrics back to you, tweeting them at you like, “I love this part in the song!”

Who are your inspirations musically?

Definitely Demi Lovato. She’s my number one inspiration. Her voice is so good. And also I would say, Dua Lipa. She is a rising star. She’s a queen. And Alessia Cara. Those are my favorites.

After listening to “Disease” for the first time and watching the video, the first thought that came to mind was, “I’d really love to see what she does with an entire album.” Are you planning on releasing an album soon?

Yes, there is an album coming, and I’m so excited. And you can expect songs just like “Disease” and even slower ones that have more vocals in them. Just be ready!

It seems like music has always played a significant role in your life. What does music mean to you?

Oh, music means the world to me.

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